Advanced Environmental & Earth Sciences

The following is a complete list of lab activities from PASCO's Advanced Environmental and Earth Sciences Teacher Guide. You may preview and download individual student lab activities as well as view detailed information regarding what files are included, AP/IB standards correlations, and recommended PASCO equipment if applicable.

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Lab Title Detail
00 Introduction to the Teacher Guide
01 Determining Soil Quality
02 Insolation and the Seasons
03 Investigating Specific Heat
04 Monitoring Microclimates
05 Sunlight Intensity and Reflectivity
06 Tracking Weather
07 Earth's Magnetic Field
08 Radiation Energy Transfer
09 Seafloor Spreading and Plate Tectonics
10 Modeling an Ecosystem
11 Photosynthesis and Primary Productivity
12 Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration in a Terrarium
13 Cellular Respiration and Carbon Cycle
14 Energy Content of Food
15 Weather in a Terrarium
17 Properties of Water
18 Air Pollution and Acid Rain
19 Monitoring Water Quality
20 Toxicology Using Yeast
21 Water Treatment

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