Aug 27th, 2013 — Earth Science • Environmental Science

Tracking Weather

Help your students understand weather, fronts, and air masses with a Weather/Anemometer Sensor. This MultiMeasure™ sensor collects nearly all relevant data associated with monitoring weather, giving you a small weather station in one single sensor. Students can measure data on barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, dew point, and wind speed. Add a rain gauge and your students would have all the tools they need to start a unit on weather.

  • Take weekly readings to study seasonal changes.
  • Track weather fronts when they come through to help students understand the dynamic nature of air masses.
  • Plot variables against one another to show the relationships they have with one another.
  • Model weather events by exposing the sensor to the air above warm and cool water to show the relationship between temperature and humidity.

Belows are two examples of data teachers collected with a PASCO weather sensor. The first image shows data that was collected during a storm that hit the coast of New Jersey. The software plots data in real time and offers convenient data analysis and labeling tools.

The second set of data shows changes to humidity and temperature during a field trip. From data like this, students can draw relationships between variables by plotting them against one another using the curve fit tool.

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