Jul 17th, 2017 — All Subjects

Back to school? Recharge and Update your wireless sensors!

Don’t miss out on free software and firmware updates.

PASCO Wireless Sensors often gain additional value over time with new functionality and increased performance. These benefits are provided free of charge and are a great reason to update your software and firmware regularly.

With that in mind, for those of you who are returning to school ’recharged’ after a long break, our Tech Support team has three simple steps to help with sensors, charging and firmware updates.

Step 1: Recharge / Check Battery Charge Levels in Wireless Sensors and Interfaces

Step 2: Update Software

Step 3: Update Sensors

  • First, charge the wireless sensors (or check their battery level for coin cell powered wireless sensors). Doing this before any updates will ensure that the sensors have sufficient power to complete any firmware updates required / requested by the software. If a coin cell battery is showing red on the battery level, change the battery for that sensor prior to updating the firmware for that sensor. Make sure to tell students not to update the firmware for sensors when the red battery is showing (The red battery appears when the sensor is paired to software or when the battery LED on the sensor blinks red).
  • After sensors are fully charged, it will be time to update software. Starting with PASCO Capstone version 1.9 and SPARKvue version 2.7, customers will be notified if upgrades are available for their software. When updating sensors with USB ports, remember to connect them by USB. This will make the update process much faster that the update over Bluetooth.
  • As the last step, update the wireless sensors as prompted. Pair only one sensor at a time during the update process. If you are updating wireless sensors over Bluetooth, make sure that these sensors are as close to the computing device as possible to assure the strongest signal between the sensor and the computing device during the entire update process.