How do I open DataStudio experiments and data?

PASCO Capstone can open and convert most DataStudio 1.9 files to Capstone format.

 How Do I Video

  1.  Click File > Open Experiment....
  2.  Click on the file type pull-down menu, and select: DataStudio 1.9 files (*.ds).
  3.  Click Open.
  4. Capstone places each display from DataStudio on separate Capstone workbook pages.
  5.  Each display is sized to the full page.
  6.  Each page (tab) is named with the display name.
  7. Recommended: save the experiment as a Capstone file. (See How do I save my experiment?)
  8. Re-layout the Capstone pages as desired.
  9. To combine multiple displays on a single page:
    1. Resize and move the display that will contain multiple displays to create a space for additional display(s). (See Moving and resizing)
    2.  Click on page tab containing display to move.
    3. Resize the display smaller than full page.
    4. Select the display border,  right-click and select Cut.
    5.  Click on the page,  right-click and select Paste.
    6. Resize and move as desired.