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Imagine Wireless - What should the science classroom of future look like? Do you imagine students using modern tools that collect the data they need and stream it to any screen for analysis?

Information gathered directly by students and at their fingertips? That’s our vision and it’s simpler, more powerful and definitely more cost effective than you might imagine.

 wireless sensor

Sensors - Our growing list of wireless sensors are rugged, high quality and low cost. They provide freedom and flexibility without compromise for anytime, anywhere science.

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Bluetooth Smart - The power of Bluetooth Smart Technology allows for long battery life, simple pairing to devices that is done in-app and based on proximity and allows us to offer a powerful logging mode for long term experiments.

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Graph - The same full-featured software and user experience across any OS. Real-time data collection and analysis deepen student understanding and encourage collaboration.

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Devices - Wireless sensors connect directly to all of your devices - computers, tablets, smartphones, and chromebooks with no other hardware required making it possible to easily outfit classrooms and labs without breaking your budget.

“Outstanding” Review from Ed Tech's "The Round Up"

 Ed Tech Review

In September of 2016, Michael Karlin reviewed our wireless sensors in The Ed Tech's "The Round Up". He touched on how easy it is to get connected, SPARKvue software, our free experiments, professional development resources and more. He also discusses his experience using our wireless solutions with the preservice teachers he works with at Indiana University. We greatly appreciate him taking the time to give his honest opinions on our growing wireless line and that he saw fit to give them a final score of Outstanding.

Wireless CO2 Sensor

Wireless CO2 Sensor
Measure Carbon Dioxide gas in a closed system or open environment. An ideal tool for Biology, Earth & Environmental Science and Chemistry applications at an affordable price point. For long term experiments data can be logged directly on the sensor

 Wireless temperature sensor

Wireless Temperature
Access instant temperature readings and continuously monitor and plot data in SPARKvue software on nearly any device. When class time ends, students can set the sensor to log data autonomously for days or weeks and then download the data for analysis.

Wireless Pressure sensor

Wireless Pressure
Make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure. Combined with a temperature probe, students can study the Ideal Empirical gas Laws.

wireless pH sensor

Wireless pH
Measures the pH of a solution as discrete measurements or as a continuous reading. Use the probe to study water quality, test household solutions, perform high resolution acid base titrations and more.

 Wireless force acceleration sensor

Wireless Force Acceleration
Measure force, acceleration and rotation. This sensor is ideal for experiments involving rotating platforms, moving carts, Newton’s Laws, spring oscillations, collisions, impulse and more. The wireless design offers improved measurements without a cable affecting experiment outcome. Finger-holes support handheld applications. Easily mounts on rods and dynamics carts.

Wireless Smart Cart
The Wireless Smart Cart Built-in-sensors measure and transmit position, velocity acceleration and force. Use Bluetooth ®Smart to wirelessly connect directly to your devices running PASCO software with nothing else required. Connect quickly and easily using in-app pairing. With no interfaces or cables, set up time is minimal and any surface can become your laboratory.

 Wireless Smart cart

wireless light sensor

Wireless Light
The most versatile light sensor we've ever made, it is like having five sensors in one! Measure illuminance, irradiance, UVA, UVB, UV index and features RGB color detection.

wireless conductivity sensor

Wireless Conductivity
Wirelessly measure both conductivity and dissolved solids with all-new design. Highly accurate with a fast response time and featuring built-in temperature compensation.

wireless Current sensor

Wireless Current
Measure currents of up to 1 A with built-in protection for the sensors against overload. Up to 1000 samples/second via Bluetooth. Up to 100,000 samples/second via USB in "burst mode".

wireless voltage sensor

Wireless Voltage
Measure voltages of up to 15V with built-in protection for the sensors against overload. Up to 1000 samples/second via Bluetooth. Up to 100,000 samples/second via USB in "burst mode".

What else do you want to measure?
Make any sensor wireless! Our low-cost Airlink interface accepts all PASSPORT Sensors and can send data directly to your device via USB or Bluetooth.


Whether measuring magnetic field strength, investigating blood pressure, checking ethanol levels in a fermentation experiment or countless other scientific explorations, we have the sensors that will help you collect the data you need. Our full line of PASPORT ® sensors can be used separately or in conjunction with the new wireless sensors.

1 to 1 or BYOD, we connect to all your devices.
Our wireless sensors connect directly to computers, tablets, smartphones and chromebooks using Bluetooth 4 and without the need for an interface. For devices that don't have native Bluetooth 4 support, we offer a low cost USB/Bluetooth Adapter (PS-3500) so they can connect. Use the guide below to check compatibility for your device(s).

SPARKvue runs on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iPad®, Chromebook, Android, tablets and smart phones. For complete compatibility information, visit pasco.com/compatibility.