PASCO Capstone 2 Software

PASCO Capstone 2 Software

Coming Fall 2019! Free Upgrade for Capstone 1.x users!

Updated with new tools! Designed specifically to collect, display and analyze data in physics and engineering labs.

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What's New in Capstone 2

Circuits Emulation

Reinforce circuit concepts and tackle student misconceptions using circuit visualization. Combine real-world circuits with simulations, animation, and live measurements.

With the Circuits Emulation tool in Capstone 2, you can:

  • Construct and modify circuits
  • Show conventional current and electron flow animation
  • Animate circuits with live sensor data

Drag components out from the components list. Rotate components, and connect pieces together by drawing wires.

Trials Table

This is how science is actually done.

You never take only one run in science. You take multiple runs, and calculate averages. Next, you vary a parameter while holdinb other constant; again, taking more runs and calculating averages. Most software data tables don’t actually allow this to be done easily.

The Capstone Trails table was created for how data is collected in the science lab, and allows for the kind of analysis students need to perform.

  • Organize your data to easily define physical relationships.
  • Track variables
  • Average runs
  • Plot derived values

Using the simple pendulum lab as an example, students will time a simple pendulum under various conditions. They will vary the mass, length, and starting angle. The Capstone Trials Table allows you to vary and keep track of experimental parameters between trials, and runs taken in each trial. You can also keep track of statistics for averaged runs and experimental error.

Blockly Coding

Helps students develop computational thinking skills

Physics educators want more experimental control and programming access to all PASCO interfaces and sensors. Students need tools to develop creative programming and problem-solving skills in science. Blockly coding has been built into Capstone 2, giving teachers and students the tools they need to develop these skills.

Graph Pop-Up Tools

Now, whenever tools are activated, the most common actions will be easily accessible on the graph. The pop-up tools allow for easy access to tool features and options.


PASCO Capstone allows users to quickly layout custom pages, automatically recognizes sensors when connected, has a powerful set of analysis tools and much, much more.

PASCO Capstone was built from the ground up to be the most powerful and flexible option for physics and engineering applications.

  • Windows/Mac compatibility
  • Can be used with all current and legacy PASCO USB interfaces.
  • Works with all PASCO sensors -- ScienceWorkshop, PASPORT, and Wireless.
  • Completely customizable lab pages
  • Multiple displays including graphs, tables, oscilloscope, bar meters, FFT and more
  • Deep video analysis tools
  • Opens DataStudio, Xplorer GLX and SPARKvue files.


Free Trial Download

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PASCO Capstone Update

Existing users can download the latest version. Capstone 1.13.4 released 5/20/2019.

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PASCO Capstone Site License
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PASCO Capstone Site License

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Install Capstone software all computers on a non-U.S. K-12 campus or in a college/university department.

Available to Non-U.S. customers only.

PASCO Capstone Site License Digital Download
Available to Non-U.S. customers only.

PASCO Capstone Site License Digital Download

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Install Capstone software all computers on a non-U.S. K-12 campus or in a college/university department. Digital download version only.

Available to Non-U.S. customers only.

Electronic delivery – download after purchase.

Basic Features


  • Auto-ID Sensors are recognized when they are plugged in (or identified through Bluetooth®)
  • Works with all PASCO sensors   PASPORT, ScienceWorkshop, and Wireless.
  • In-app pairing of wireless sensors makes it easy to choose the correct wireless sensor(s) by proximity
  • Pre-configured photogate timer
  • Quick Start Sensor-based experiments

Workbook Format

  • Basic displays include graph, table, digits, meter, bar meter, oscilloscope, text box, picture
  • Make multiple pages with instructions and embedded live graphs
  • Collect data and display it in real time
  • Play back data in real time, slow speed, or high speed
  • Enter data manually easy setup in a table
  • Layout displays with smart guidelines
  • Create a Journal by taking snapshots of pages or displays
  • Made a mistake? Or two? Just hit the Undo button to back up.


  • Draw predictions on graphs before taking data
  • Multiple y-axes and/or multiple plot areas
  • Perform Quick-Calcs on the graph axis to linearize data
  • Curve-fits report the uncertainties in the parameters
  • Multi-coordinate tool gives y-values wherever it intersects data

Advanced Features

Sensors & Signal Generators

  • Calibration wizard for sensors steps you through the calibration process
  • Create your own timers for photogates
  • Configure signal generators with DC offset
  • Scan through a range of frequencies
  • Control the output with a calculation

Data Collection Modes

  • Strip chart mode
  • Start and stop conditions on time and sensor measurements
  • FFT and oscilloscope
  • Histogram
  • Manual data collection: collect sensor data points with the click of a button
  • Analyze video and display velocity and acceleration vectors on the video
  • Sync movies with sensor data

Data Analysis

  • Exclude or delete selected data points from analysis
  • Create models using the calculator
  • Calculated columns in tables
  • Error bars
  • Weighted linear fit that takes into account error bars
  • More complex curve fits such as damped sine, Gaussian, sine series, and user entered fits
  • Smooth data directly on a graph with slider tool
  • Calculations involving logic and filters

Video Analysis


  • Study Motion in Two dimensions
  • Start USB webcam and data collection simultaneously
  • Display velocity and acceleration vectors
  • Auto-track objects


  • Magnifier to identify the exact center of the object
  • Use calibration ruler at any time
  • Back up and reposition any point
  • Measure angles
  • Track more than one object
  • Generate XY data for position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Move the origin of the axes

More Features

  • Change to cylindrical coordinates
  • Rotate the axes, even after taking data
  • Make linear measurements in frames or snapshots
  • Measure the radius of a circle
  • Create annotations
  • Automatic frame-advance after taking a point
  • Set the number of frames that are advanced
  • Change playback rate

The PASCO Advantage

Student Journal

As students complete their lab assignment, they can capture aspects of their lab into the student journal for later assessment in their lab writeups.

Modern User Interface (UI/UX)

Other software still relies heavily on dialog boxes whereas Capstone has incorporated more modern UI design elements such as in-context options and display tools. We are constantly improving our user experience to eliminate barriers to usage and improve student learning.

Customizable User Interface

Features can be turned on/off so when an assignment is opened, the student only has access to the necessary tools for the assignment.

Signal Generator

Capstone’s signal generator controls allow for advanced settings to accommodate the demands of advanced circuits labs.

  • Waveforms: DC, Sine, Square, Triangle, Positive/Negative Ramp, Positive Square, Positive Up/Down Ramp.
  • Sweep: Single, Repeat, Bi-directional
  • Voltage offset
  • Voltage and Current and Limit


Capstone provides a display that behaves like a digital oscilloscope with tools specific to how oscilloscopes are used (trigger, single trace collection, sample rate tied to time axis scale, set trace offset). This is very different from other software that uses the same graph display for slow and faster sampling rates.

Video Analysis Unique Features

  • Object vectors
  • Frame Skipping for analyzing high speed video
  • Magnifying glass for more accurate data placement

Graph Display Unique Features

  • Multiple area selection for data analysis
  • Exclude data points
  • Mutli-Y Coordinate tool
  • Axis Quick-calcs

What's New

Bar Meter

A bar meter has one or more bars that go up and down as the measurement value changes. In this example, eight temperature sensors are distributed along a metal bar and one end is immersed in boiling water and the other is immersed in ice water. The eight bar meters show the temperatures along the metal bar as it reaches a dynamic equilibrium.

Sync Multiple Wireless Sensors

With PASCO's new syncing technology, wireless sensors are automatically synced as soon as more than one is plugged in. If you desire to sync them more closely just before recording, you can click on the new sync button on the Sampling Control bar.

Open SPARKvue Files in PASCO Capstone

Collect data using a mobile device running SPARKvue Software and then open the SPARKvue file in Capstone for more extensive analysis.

Smart Fan Control

  • When the new Smart Fan Accessory is plugged into a Smart Cart, you can control the Smart Fan directly from Capstone.
  • Use the slider to set the thrust.
  • Set the fan to turn on and off based on a measurement (such as Smart Cart Position) or time.
  • Hands off: Start the fan remotely in the software.
  • Use a calculation to define the thrust: Thrust = 10*[Force] will make the thrust proportional to the force exerted on a force sensor.



Importing and Exporting


  • External data (as .csv files) can be imported into Capstone and analyzed
  • Text, images, and videos can also be easily brought into your Capstone workbook
  • Data collected using a mobile device running SPARKvue can be opened in Capstone for more extensive analysis


  • Export Capstone files into other applications as .txt or .csv
  • Copy Graphs and other Displays into Word Processing software or presentation software.


PASCO Capstone supports all PASCO USB interfaces, including legacy interfaces.

Legacy Interfaces supported by PASCO Capstone software:

  • 750 Interface
  • 500 Interface
  • SPARKlink
  • USB Link
  • Xplorer GLX
  • Xplorer (as computer interface only)
  • SPARK Science Learning System (as computer interface only)
  • AirLink 2
  • PowerLink

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Processor running at 2 GHz or faster (only required for Video Analysis Features)
  • 2 GB or greater RAM
  • 1024 x 768 or greater resolution
  • 260 MB of available disk space for installation
  • At least one free port if using USB connected devices
  • Bluetooth 4 support required for use with wireless sensors and Smart Carts. A Bluetooth adapter is available. Compatibility details.


  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  • Processor running at 2 GHz or faster (only required for Video Analysis Features)
  • 2 GB or greater RAM
  • 1024 x 768 or greater resolution
  • 130 MB of available disk space for installation
  • At least one free port if using USB connected devices
  • Bluetooth 4 support required for use with wireless sensors and Smart Carts. A Bluetooth adapter is available. Compatibility details.