Build Your Dynamics System …

Few investments in physics lab equipment provide more learning opportunities than PASCO Dynamics Systems — perfect for experiments and demonstrations in Kinematics, Newton’s Laws, conservation laws, and much more. Choose the system that’s best for you.

Plastic Track Advantages Metal Track Advantages
Can add tracks to make as long as you want Available in 1.2 m or 2.2 m lengths
Lightweight Straight and rigid
Can add curved track to do hills Can do induced magnetic drag because it’s conductive
Built-in feet Feet can be placed at any position
Storage: 1-meter track disassembles into two 50-cm parts High-contrast scale
Less expensive  

Track Lengths:

  Metal 1.2m
  Metal 2.2m
Plastic Cart Advantages Metal Cart Advantages Smart Cart Advantages
Least expensive More inertia Completely instrumented with all the sensors you need for dynamics
Two string tie positions Sturdy body Two string tie positions
Plunger has a long throw User-replaceable wheels Bluetooth 4.0 wireless: No interface required
Each cart has a three-position plunger Contains one Plunger Cart and one Collision Cart Each cart has a three-position plunger
Two 250 g masses included Four 250 g masses included Two 250 g masses included
More cost effective than purchasing sensors separately

All systems contain one red and one blue cart for distinguishing in collisions. All carts feature low-friction retractable, ball bearing wheels, mass trays, velcro tabs for inelastic collisions and magnets for elastic collisions.

  Smart Carts
Accessory Pack Includes:
Clamp-on Pulley ME-9448B
Spring Kit ME-8999
Friction Block ME-9807
Angle Indicator ME-9495A
  Add Accessory Pack


All PASCO Dynamics Systems include the above chosen options plus:

  • 2 Leveling feet (feet are separate for aluminum tracks, but built-in to the plastic tracks)
  • 2 Endstops
  • Rod Clamp
  • 2 Mass Bars (4 with metal carts)


Buying Guide

Smart Cart Systems   (ME-5707, ME-5708, ME-5709, ME-5717, ME-5718, ME-5719)

Measuring motion and forces:

With a Smart Cart system built-in sensors can be used to measure position, velocity, acceleration, force and angular velocity so no additional sensors are necessary. And it connects directly to your devices* so no interface is required.


*Smart Carts connect directly to devices with BLE compatibility such as current Macs, iPads and Android tablets.

Windows devices, Chromebooks and older Macs lack native Bluetooth® Smart support and require an adapter to use Smart Carts.

See if you need the adapter.

USB Bluetooth Adapter
Product Name Part Number Price Qty. Select
USB Bluetooth Adapter   PS-3500

Plastic and Metal Cart Systems   (ME-5701 through ME-5706, ME-5711 through ME-5716)

Measuring motion and forces:

With plastic or metal carts you will need one or two Wireless Force Acceleration Sensors, two Motion Sensors and/or two photogates. The Motion Sensors and Photogates also require interfaces — either a one port AirLink for each sensor or the high powered 550 or 850 Universal Interfaces.

Required to Measure Motion and Forces
Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor
PASPORT Motion Sensor
Product Name Part Number Price Qty. Select
Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor   PS-3202
PASPORT Motion Sensor   PS-2103A
Recommended (one of the following) to Measure Motion and Forces

The Smart Gate System connects to all current PASCO interfaces. The Photogate Heads connect directly to the 550 or 850 interface. All photogates required Photogate Brackets when used with Dynamics Systems.

All PASCO Dynamics Systems   (ME-5701 through ME-5716)

Curved PAStrack may only be used with plastic tracks. Magnetic Damping may only be used with with metal tracks.

Ballistic Cart Accessory
Curved PAStrack
Dynamics Cart Magnetic Damping
Force Sensor Track Bracket
Super Fan Cart
Product Name Part Number Price Qty. Select
Ballistic Cart Accessory   ME-9486
Curved PAStrack   ME-6841
Dynamics Cart Magnetic Damping   ME-6828
Force Sensor Track Bracket   ME-6622
Super Fan Cart   ME-6977

Add Software

All Dynamics Systems can be used with either PASCO Capstone Software (recommended for advanced physics applications using computers) or the SPARKvue cross platform application (for use with Chromebooks, iPads or Android Tablets).

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