Essential Physics Oscillations, Waves and Sound

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Essential Physics Waves and Sound Kit

Essential Physics Waves and Sound Kit

EP-3578   - 

This versatile kit includes metal Snaky and Slinky springs for transverse and longitudinal waves. The resonance lever allows students to create resonance in both the mass-and-spring and pendulum. A resonance tube and tuning forks demonstrate the wavelength of sound. 
(Requires a Tripod Stand and Weights for some activities)


Teach the science and technology of waves and sound. Lessons cover harmonic motion, waves, sound, period, frequency, wavelength, resonance, Doppler effect, interference, frequency spectrum, multi-frequency sound, digital sound, human perception, and music

  • 13 lessons
  • 5 interactive simulations
  • 8 interactive equations
  • 13 slide presentations
  • 13 lesson plans
  • 13 student assignments

The Ergopedia Waves and Sound Kit gives you the fundamental tools you need to teach harmonic motion, waves, and sound. Our "slinky" and "snaky" springs are high-quality metal (not plastic), and our four chrome-plated steel tuning forks are great for making the connection between science and music.


  • One Manual per class
  • On Kit per lab group

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  • Steel transverse wave "snaky" spring (1.8 m)
  • Extra-large steel longitudinal wave "slinky" spring
  • 25 cm extension spring
  • Pendulum/spring hanger
  • Resonance lever
  • 1" diameter aluminum pendulum ball
  • Resonance tube
  • Tuning fork 256 Hz
  • Tuning fork 284 Hz
  • Tuning fork 320 Hz
  • Tuning fork 512 Hz

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Lessons in this module:

  • Lesson 1         Frequency and period
  • Lesson 2         Oscillators
  • Lesson 3         Resonance
  • Lesson 4         Waves
  • Lesson 5         Wave interactions
  • Lesson 6         Interference
  • Lesson 7         Resonance and standing waves
  • Lesson 8         Sound waves
  • Lesson 9         The speed of sound and the Doppler effect 
  • Lesson 10       The frequency spectrum
  • Lesson 11       Interference and beats
  • Lesson 12       Resonance and sound
  • Lesson 13       Musical sound


  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Oscillating spring
  • Waves
  • Wave interactions,
  • Physics of sound
  • Standing waves on a vibrating string
  • Electronic keyboard
  • Sound waves and the keyboard
  • Doppler effect
  • Multifrequency sound
  • Frequency and period
  • Speed, wavelength, and frequency