Programming & Robotics with the ErgoBot

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Programming is one of the most valuable skills in the job market today and robotics is the cutting edge of technology. The ErgoBot Programming & Robotics system is a unique combination of hardware and software  that makes it easier than ever before to get your students excited, engaged and successful with both.

This unique module offers 23 lessons and projects covering introductory and intermediate programming, robotics, sensors, code development, variables, loops, logic structures, autonomous operation, design, engineering, optimization and performance testing.

Hardware and software work together to make the easiest most engaging programming course ever created.

  • No assembly required
  • 23 projects start from novice level
  • Works with Windows®, Mac® OS X, iPad®, ChromebookTM, and smartphones
  • Wireless Bluetooth® communication
  • Practical for every classroom 

Recommended Supported Device List:

Complete hardware and software compatibility for this module requires current Mac or Windows computers. While the Ergobot itself is also compatible with iOS and Chromebooks, there is currently no support for Arduino programming on those platforms. For complete compatibility details please contact Teacher Support.

Compatibility Note:

The ErgoBot also requires Bluetooth 2.1 compatible hardware.

Special Features

  • Everything works right out of the box - nothing to solder or assemble.
  • Designed for the classroom - use the same ErgoBot every period - all day.
  • Projects 1-8 require no installed software. Students write easy code that gets the ErgoBot moving in less than 20 minutes.
  • All three Sensors are included and need only a few jumpers to connect.
  • Build-up to C-level programming language using logic and sensors.
  • The Teacher's Guide includes 23 projects with lessons, slides, and a wealth of instructional material.
  • The Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard is available separately to upgrade your existing ErgoBot.


ErgoBot with ErgoBoard Robotics

ErgoBot with ErgoBoard Robotics

EP-6473   - 

The ErgoBot Robotics system includes the ErgoBot, the Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard, an IR distance sensor, a 5-position IR skirt sensor for line following and more.

Requires the Essential Physics e-Book or the proper Ergopedia Teacher Resources to function.

Essential Physics Programming and Robotics with ErgoBot Teacher Resources

Essential Physics Programming and Robotics with ErgoBot Teacher Resources

EP-6485   - 

A complete guide to the 23 lessons and projects designed for use with the ErgoBot and ErgoBoard Robotics. Also, contains student assignments as well as lesson plans, presentations, simulations and more.

Also Available:

ErgoBoard with Sensors

ErgoBoard with Sensors

EP-6472   - 

Add the Arduino-compatible ErgoBoard and sensors to your ErgoBot to study robotics and programming.

Requires an Ergobot for use



EP-6471   - 

The ErgoBot may also be purchased separately.

Requires the Essential Physics e-Book or the proper Essential Physics Teacher Resources to function.

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Teach Physics

  • Measurement
  • Position and displacement
  • Speed, velocity, and acceleration
  • Position vs. time graphs
  • Velocity vs. time graphs
  • Vectors
  • Newton’s laws
  • Motion on an inclined plane

Teach Engineering

  • Introductory Robotics
  • Programming
  • Design with real constraints
  • Problem solving
  • Optimizing a solution
  • Performance testing
  • Accuracy and precision 

Complete System

Hardware and software work together to make the easiest and most engaging programming course ever created.

  • No Assembly required
  • 23 projects start from novice level
  • Works with Windows®, Mac® OS X, iPad®, Chromebook™, and smartphones
  • Wireless Bluetooth® communication
  • Practical for every classroom

What's Required:

To get started you simply need:

  • One ErgoBot Programming and Robotics Teacher Guide'
  • An ErgoBot and ErgoBoard for each lab group.

If you already own an ErgoBot you can purchase the ErgoBoard kit separately.


  • Project 1 - Getting started 
  • Project 2 - Communicating with robots 
  • Project 3 - Driverless car challenge  
  • Project 4 - Programming the ErgoBot 
  • Project 5 - Optimizing solutions  
  • Project 6 - Programming loops 
  • Project 7 - Variables and nested loops    
  • Project 8 - Two-robot competition
  • Project 9 - Programming with the ErgoBoard™
  • Project 10 - Navigating with the ErgoBoard™
  • Project 11 - Lights, sound, action! 
  • Project 12 - Using sensors
  • Project 13 - Distance sensing with IR light        
  • Project 14 - Displaying sensor readings    
  • Project 15 - The shadow bot       
  • Project 16 - Navigating with the distance sensor 
  • Project 17 - Cliff sensing with IR light    
  • Project 18 - Loops and functions 
  • Project 19 - Line following  
  • Project 20 - Using memory
  • Project 21 - The electric car challenge  
  • Project 22 - Obstacle course competition 
  • Project 23 - Going further 


  • Encoder signals
  • Position & velocity
  • Position & velocity (4 targets)
  • Navigating a maze
  • Programming the ErgoBot
  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Data graphing tool

Additional Resources

  • Teacher Resources
  • Audiovisual resources
  • Information about the Arduino IDE
  • Information on pairing and connecting the Ergobot
  • Assessments