MatchGraph Kit - UI-5822A



Engage your students with a hands-on experience that is centered on motion. Give them a deeper understanding of graphing and interpreting motion graphs, while they see their own motion graphed in real time and scored!

This bundle includes Matchgraph! software, a motion sensor and an AirLink USB/Bluetooth interface - everything needed to start teaching motion graphs using the fun and interactive MatchGraph! software.  


MatchGraph is great for teaching

  • Frames of reference
  • Basic concepts of position, velocity and acceleration
  • The difference between speed and velocity
  • Fundamental graphing skills
  • The concept of slope in an intuitive and readily understood way.


Free Downloads

Download the free software for Mac® or Windows® Computers.

Or download the free MatchGraph! app for your iPad® or Android™ devices.


The MatchGraph! Toolbar

MatchGraph! has an intuitive user interface allowing teachers and students to set up and start matching without a long setup time. Add students, view high scores, export data and more with a simple click or touch.

Toggle between position and velocity.

Students can choose from nine different position profiles and their derivative velocity curves.

Matchgraph! also allows students to collect position and velocity data freeform without the use of a MatchGraph profile.

See the high scores!

Track your class performance! Enter student names and keep track of individual scores for each MatchGraph curve. High Scores are tracked for each profile.

MatchGraph! creates a fun and competitive way to internalize the concepts of motion graphing as well as rate of change or slope.


  • MatchGraph Software for Mac/Windows (free app for iPad)
  • PASPORT Motion Sensor (PS-2103A)
  • AirLink (PS-3200)
  • Buying Guide

    AirLink (PS-3200)