PASPORT PowerLink - PS-2001

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Suggested Replacement(s) are:

  • SPARKlink   (PS-2009)
  • USB Link   (PS-2100A)


The PowerLink interface combines the ease-of-use of the PASPORT line with the convenience of a USB hub. The system comes with a 3-port interface box, a power adapter and a USB cable. When connected to your desktop computer, PowerLink allows you to collect data from up to three PASPORT sensors simultaneously.

  • Add additional sensors by connecting a USB Link, Xplorer or another PowerLink to one of the USB ports on the back, or connect any two additional USB devices (requires the included power adapter)
  • Add batteries ("C" size) and collect data remotely using a laptop.

Special Features

  • AC adapter and battery powered
  • Self-powered, full speed, 2 ports
  • LED to each hub port indicates active status.


  • Self-powered
    full speed
    2 ports

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