Equal Length Spring Set - ME-8970



The five color-coded equal length springs in this set have different spring constants:

  • Spring Color Spring Constant (± 5%)
  • Red 25 N/m
  • Blue 30 N/m
  • Yellow 35 N/m
  • White 40 N/m
  • Green 50 N/m

These springs appear to be the same except for their colors. But, when equal masses are hung on them, each stretches a different amount. These extension springs are made of steel and are closed, requiring a slight initial force to separate the coils. The unstretched length of each spring is 30 cm and the approximate diameter is 1.4 cm.
Store this spring set in the included white storage box with cardboard separators to keep the springs from touching each other.


  • White storage box
  • Five (color-coded) springs (30 cm in length)
  • Specifications

    Maximum Extension by Spring

    • Max Length: 800 mm
    • Max Force: 1500 g
    • Max Length: 650 mm
    • Max Force: 1300 g
    • Max Length: 850 mm
    • Max Force: 2200 g
    • Max Length: 700 mm
    • Max Force: 2000 g
    • Max Length: 650 mm
    • Max Force: 2200 g