Centripetal Force Accessory - ME-8952



With traditional centripetal units, the ability to change the variables is either impossible or limited. The PASCO Centripetal Force Accessory is designed to make changing the mass, the radius or the force quick and easy.

The Centripetal Force Accessory is one major component of the Complete Rotational System (ME 8950A).

The Centripetal Force Accessory (ME-8952) is an accessory for the:

The Centripetal Force Accessory (ME-8952) is a replacement part for the:


  • Vary Parameters Independently: Change the centripetal force, mass and radius independently of each other.
  • Change Variables over a Wide Range: Radius can be varied continuously from 2 to 20 cm, and the rotating mass can be 100, 150 or 200 g.
  • Observe the Radius Indicator throughout the Cycle: PASCO's design has the indicator at the center of rotation, allowing continuous observation throughout the rotation cycle, resulting in more accurate measurements.


  • Spring support and radius indicator assembly
  • Mass support
  • Masses (100 g and two 50 g)
  • Super Pulley with Clamp