Energy Transfer - Hydro Accessory - ET-8772



The Hydro Accessory is used with the Energy Transfer - Generator to demonstrate how falling water generates electricity.

The gravitational potential energy of the water is converted into electrical energy as the falling water turns the turbine. The water can be supplied using the optional Water Reservoir. The water that has passed through the turbine is caught in a beaker and measured to determine the total mass that has fallen.

As the water falls from the Water Reservoir down through the Turbine and into the beaker, gravitational potential energy is converted into electrical energy, lighting the LED. The water nozzle size and angle can be adjusted to optimize performance.

By changing the height of the Water Reservoir, different efficiencies are achieved.

The Energy Transfer - Hydro Accessory (ET-8772) is an accessory for the:


  • Turbine housing
  • Plastic turbine (4 cm diameter)
  • Water nozzles (5)
  • Tubing (2-meter long)
  • Plastic hose clamp
  • Screwdriver for attaching Hydro Accessory to Generator
  • Buying Guide