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This wide assortment of equipment will let you explore physics for throughout standard topics in physics.  Explore motion with the ErgoBot, learn about forces and simple machines, investigate the properties of waves & sound, delve into the fundamentals of light & optics, construct circuits on a breadboard, and more.

This equipment kit is a recommended (but not required) component of the Essential Physics program. Adding this kit allows students to perform all of the included labs of Essential Physics, creating a seamless and complete solution for teaching high school physics.


A complete set of equipment that works in conjunction with the revolutionary e-Book.  

The Essential Physics Equipment Kit includes everything shown here.

This is a complete set of equipment to outfit a single lab group or station.

By combining hands on lab activities with interactive equations and simulations from the e-Book, students can easily connect concepts and retain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of physics.


Conduct hands-on experiments to help students understand the concepts of kinematics including position, velocity and acceleration. Beyond motion investigations, the Ergobot can be used to introduce programming projects introduced in the textbook.

Forces and Machines:

Use masses, pulleys and springs to investigate force vectors, Hooke's Law, friction forces, equilibrium and mechanical advantage to reinforce concepts covered in the Essential Physics textbook. Interactives in the textbook reinforce the concepts from the lab activities.

Waves & Sound:

Fundamental tools to teach harmonic motion. Use a wave spring, tuning forks, and a resonance tube to study oscillations, waves and sound. Students also make clear connections between science and music. 

Light, Color & Optics:

Three 50 mm optics mounts slide easily and then lock down with simple thumb screws. The light source makes a perfect illuminated "object" for optics experiments and the fixed spacing of the colored LEDs makes it easy to observe and measure image properties such as magnification, inversion, and brightness.


Conduct investigations of basic series and parallel circuits with batteries, resistors and light bulbs. Investigate magnetism and build and electromagnet.

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Essential Physics 2nd Edition
Essential Physics 2nd Edition

This equipment kit is designed for use with the Essential Physics textbook. The equipment included is enough to completely outfit a single lab station or lab group.

Essential Physics can be purchased as a combination of innovative e-Book and the hardcover textbook or as the e-Book only.

Essential Physics 2nd Edition   EP-6321
Essential Physics 2nd Edition   EP-6321-DVD