Sickle Cell Gene Detection Kit - BP-6947



Sickle Cell Anemia is a common genetic disease that causes long rods in red blood cells, giving them a "sickled" appearance. These cells get stuck in small capillaries of the blood stream leading to oxygen deprivation that causes pain and organ damage. Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by a single point mutation in the hemoglobin gene that results in a faulty protein. In this experiment, your students will investigate the restriction enzyme that discriminates between HbA (normal) and HbS (disease) genes and perform a simulated test on a patient.

All you need: electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, automatic micropipet and tips, balance, microwave or hot plate, visualization system.

Storage: Room Temperature Stable. Storage of Ready-to-Load QuickStrip(tm) samples in the Refrigerator is Recommended.


  • Student Lab Activity with Instructions
  • Ready-to-Load QuickStrip DNA Samples
  • UltraSpec-Agarose powder
  • practice gel loading solution
  • eletrophoresis buffer
  • InstaStain Blue and FlashBlue stain
  • Calibrated Pipette
  • Microtipped transfer pipettes
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