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Data collection and analysis in AP Chemistry has never been easier.

Wireless sensors and  intuitive interfaces can be incorporated into POGIL endorsed lab activities to create an efficient and effective lab experience.

View the complete solution for Advanced Chemistry featuring 17 labs build around the College Board AP Chemistry curriculum framework, a sensor bundle providing the necessary probeware, and your choice of interfacing options.

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The Chemistry Standard Sensor Bundle includes the following wireless sensors: Pressure, Voltage, pH, Temperature, and Conductivity.

Wireless Spectrometer

Wirelessly connect computers and tablets for introductory spectrometry applications. Measure absorbance, intensity, and fluorescence with one powerful tool.

High Accuracy Drop Counter

Students can now capture detailed titration data with a high accuracy, profession drop counter.

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Connect directly to your devices with no other equipment needed or cables to get in the way. The Wireless Temperature Sensor is lower cost but still has all the functionality you need.

Wireless pH Sensor

Keep your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smart phones a safe distance from liquids while getting highly accurate measurements in real time.

Wireless Pressure Sensor

Make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions, and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure.

Wireless Conductivity Sensor

The Wireless Conductivity Sensor features a completely new design for the electrode for even greater performance. Wide ranging and accurate.

Wireless Voltage Sensor

Provides a +/- 15 V range with high speed sampling (up to 100,000 samples/second) available via USB

Wireless Current Sensor

Provides a +/- 1A range with high speed sampling (up to 100,000 samples/second) available via USB.

Oxidation Reduction Potential Probe

The ORP probe allows students to determine the ability of a species in a solution to act as an oxidizing agent or reducing agent. It is an accessory for the Wireless pH Sensor.

Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor

Measure transmittance and absorbance at 6 different wavelengths simultaneously. Also functions as a turbidimeter.

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