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Blog Post - Concentrate on the Conductivity

Help students gain a greater depth of understanding about solution concentrations by having them make and test their own solutions.

A bit of food coloring and our new Wireless Conductivity Sensor provide visual cues and quantitative data respectively, creating a full solution to help them concentrate on concentration.

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Blog Post - When life gives you lemons . . .  make batteries. 

Looking for a fun way to to spark your students interest in electrochemistry while they continue to build their engineering skills? Let them engineer a battery to light up an LED! With some simple materials, they can wind their way through a circuit of activities to reach the desired learning outcomes.

To get started all they need are some different metal samples and an electrolyte solution (in this activity citric acid from lemons). To measure the voltage of the battery I used a Wireless Voltage Sensor, some leads with alligator clips, and SPARKvue software.

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Blog Post: Titrations are pHun!

Properties of acids, bases and the pH scale are core concepts in any chemistry class. After your students understand the basics, it is important for them to be able to quantify reactions involving acids and bases with a titration.

A classic experiment is to determine the concentration of HCl(aq) by reacting it with 0.1 M NaOH(aq). To quantify this titration, and to make it more pHun, use a wireless pH sensor and a simple setup to keep the focus on the concept.

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