AP Biology Products Spotlight

Make AP® Biology inquiry easier with PASCO's reliable data collection & analysis tools!

PASCO's new 21st century science learning environment enhances AP* Biology.  

With easy-to-use and time saving probeware, curriculum and interfaces, PASCO has integrated inquiry-based science with research-based, state-of-the-art learning.

View our complete curriculum solution for Advanced Biology featuring our Advanced Biology through Inquiry lab manual with 22 fully editable lab activities, a sensor bundle providing the necessary probeware, innovative equipment and easy-to-use and cost effective software for PC/Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

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The Biology Starter Bundle includes everything shown here.

Wireless CO2

Accurate and fast results for photosynthesis and respiration experiments let students focus on the science, not tedious measurements.

Wireless Pressure

Measure the rates of transpiration or respiration, model a human lung, study the rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions and much more with our robust and versatile Wireless Pressure Sensor.

Wireless Temperature

Connect directly to your devices with no other equipment needed or cables to get in the way. The Wireless Temperature Sensor is lower cost but still has all the functionality you need.

Wireless Conductivity

The Wireless Conductivity Sensor features a completely new design for the electrode for even greater performance. Wide ranging and accurate.

Wireless pH

Keep your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smart phones a safe distance from liquids while getting highly accurate measurements in real time.

Wireless Spectrometer

Quantify concentration and absorption spectrums in seconds with the PASCO Wireless Spectrometer.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen

From water quality to net primary productivity, the Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor makes it easier than ever to take measurements in the field or lab.

AirLink Interface

The most flexible and cost effective interface solution for Biology. Accepts all PASPORT sensors and connects via Bluetooth Smart or USB.

Mitochondrial DNA

PASCO exclusive! Have your students investigate Mitochondrial inheritance with this hands-on kit.