Jul 30th, 2020 — Roseville, CA

PASCO Scientific Announces PASCO Academy: Physics & Chemistry, an Instructional Support Solution for Hybrid and Distance Learning Models

ROSEVILLE, Calif., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PASCO Scientific today announced the launch of PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry, an online program that will provide weekly resources, lab demonstrations and instructional support to high school students and faculty. 

Earlier this year, PASCO released free software, curriculum, and other resources for distance learning to support the science education community as they rapidly pivoted in response to the COVID-19 school closures. Now, as many schools and districts prepare for an unusual fall semester, the company is launching PASCO Academy to provide a full semester of instructional, curricular, and laboratory support to high school physics and chemistry courses. Complete with NGSS-aligned curriculum, moderated lab videos, student data sets, and an interactive teacher forum, PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry seeks to alleviate some of the burden weighing on science educators, many of whom are being asked to provide synchronous lessons to in-class and remote learners.

“Over the last few months, educators around the world have sprung into action, going above and beyond to support our schools during this unprecedented pandemic. Looking forward, it is difficult to imagine how science educators will be able to provide synchronous lessons to students enrolled in various learning models. In many cases, they are feeling overwhelmed. PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry provides quality instruction and lab demonstrations to distance learners to supplement their existing education,” said Richard Briscoe, President and CEO of PASCO Scientific. 

PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry will provide a full semester of standardized topics, along with weekly lab demonstrations and analysis activities for high school physics and chemistry courses. Schedules and syllabi for PASCO Academy: Physics and Chemistry are available on the PASCO website.

PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovative teaching and learning solutions for K–12 and higher education since 1964. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, educational researchers, engineers, and many others is committed to the advancement of STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions.

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Brett Sackett
Domestic Marketing Manager