Jun 23rd, 2016

“A day in Life at PASCO” with Local Teachers

Participants see how PASCO products go from concept to completion

On July 18th PASCO was visited by a team of 26 regional teachers and administrators during a summer professional development program with the Sacramento County Office of Education. The goal of the program is to give teachers ideas on how to create project-based activities that cross the curriculum and have a real-world application.

Teachers spent the day meeting various departments and learning about how our products go from concept to completion to market and ultimately end up in their classrooms.  They took a tour of the facility, joined us in lunch discussions and walked away with a wireless temperature sensor to use in their classroom projects.

While we met teachers with a STEM background, many were from non-technical backgrounds in history, arts and foreign language. We were so happy to see that even for teachers with no science background, they were able to begin collecting data and navigating their way around SPARKvue within 10 minutes of arriving to PASCO.