AAPT - American Association of Physics Teachers 2020

Beginner to Advanced Mechanics Using PASCO’s Smart Cart, Smart Fan, and Other Accessories

January 20, 2020, 2:30 pm – 3:30 am

Room Curacao 3 - Caribe Royale Hotel - Orlando, FL

PASCO's award winning Wireless Smart Cart and Smart Fan Accessory enable students to investigate mechanics using real-time data collection with no strings attached! The wireless Smart Fan Accessory gives students the freedom to use constant and variable thrust in any mechanics experiment, from beginner applications to advanced. In this workshop we will explore the unique functions of the combined Smart Cart and Smart Fan Accessory while collecting force and motion data using PASCO Capstone software. We will also spend time exploring some of PASCO's other accessories for the Smart Cart such as the new Ballistic Cart Accessory, new Smart Cart Vector Display, and sense and control functionality! At the end of the workshop we will give away a Smart Cart with a Smart Fan Accessory.