Provide your educators with a customized, professional development workshop and let the experts come to you.

PASCO provides educators with unparalleled professional development with personalized, On-Site Workshops. Our experts work with you to create a customized workshop that’s tailored to the needs of your educators. Whether you are looking to build foundations or sharpen skills, the PASCO team can help your educators develop the confidence and skills to seamlessly integrate PASCO technology.

Onsite Workshop

What You Can Expect

Our team starts by designing personalized workshops that are tailored to the needs of educators in your department, school, or district. Then, we bring our experts to your chosen host location for your convenience.

Our most popular on-site workshop provides a full-day session for your school’s entire science department; it is usually delivered on an in-service or PD day. We begin by getting comfortable using sensors and data software on your school’s preferred platform. Then, we concentrate on classroom applications by demonstrating standards-aligned lessons and hands-on experiments, which are tailored to each attendees’ science discipline.

We understand each educational challenge is different, which is why we coordinate with you to ensure your workshop is constructed around your specific needs. Our workshops offer a wide range of customization options including:

Choose to focus on product skills training, implementation techniques, pedagogy practices, or anything in between.

Educators may choose to lump the workshop days, which range from one to ten, or disperse them over a set amount of time.

Group Size
We present to groups of all sizes, ranging from one-on-one to entire district groups.

Participant Experience Level
Beginners, intermediate users, and “train-the-trainer” experts are all welcome at our workshops.

Grade Levels
Our presenters have experience providing assistance to all grade levels, ranging from Kindergarten to University.

Subject Focus
Choose from Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Engineering, or Physics. Then, decide whether you would like us to create a specific subject or mixed-subject workshop.

Product Focus
If it’s in the PASCO catalog, we can help you maximize its use.

  • Software: SPARKvue, PASCO Capstone, MatchGraph, or Spectrometry
  • Sensors: PASPORT or Wireless
  • Curriculum: Lab manuals and Essential Chemistry and Essential Physics textbooks
  • Apparatus: Smart Carts, Ballistic Pendulum, any of our award-winning physics equipment, and more
Onsite Workshop

Once we understand your goals, an experienced workshop facilitator will design your customized agenda. Agendas typically include an effective mix of demonstrations, hands-on skill-building activities, challenges, and classroom-ready experiments.

Before the workshop, we’ll provide a preparation list to ensure you’re equipped to host the event using your computing devices, PASCO equipment, and lab supplies. Upon arrival, we’ll provide each participant with both paper and electronic workshop documents.

What's It Cost?

Custom on-site workshop pricing is $2,500 for a 1-day session with a single facilitator, including preparation and travel costs.

More Information

For more information or to begin planning a workshop at your school, reach out to your PASCO Education Consultant or contact our Professional Development team directly at At PASCO we pride ourselves on consistently providing the highest quality of service, which is why we request that you contact us at least six weeks before your desired workshop date for maximum effectiveness.