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Teaching Earth and Space Science Concepts in the Physics Classroom

Scheduled: Apr 28th, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm | U.S. Pacific Time

Thanks to the NGSS, Earth and space science is undergoing a revival in high school science classes. Physics teachers are rising to the challenge to do their part to meet the NGSS Earth and space science standards. However, many are looking for ideas on how to do labs and activities that are appropriate for a physics classroom. This webinar will show several lab ideas using equipment found in many physics classrooms that explore diverse topics like earthquake waves, supernovae, and evidence for plate tectonics. Student handouts and sample data files will be shared.

Who should attend: Existing or potential PASCO customers interested in learning ways to link science and engineering practices to an integrated physics and Earth and space sciences curriculum. Whether your school district is comfortably entrenched in NGSS implementation or just beginning to explore the NGSS framework, there will be something in this webinar for everyone.

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