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PASCO Spectrometer for Biology and Chemistry

Scheduled: Mar 11th, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm | U.S. Pacific Time

Learn how you can use PASCO’s Wireless Spectrometer in Advanced Biology and Chemistry courses. The Spectrometer is a Bluetooth® device that allows the user to see the absorbance or transmittance of a sample solution.

For the Biologists, we will analyze enzyme activity in a peroxidase-catalyzed reaction between hydrogen peroxide and guaiacol. We will also look at the absorbance of the chlorophyll molecule and relate it to pigment color and photosynthetic activity.

Then, for the Chemists, we will develop a Beer’s Law curve and determine the concentration of an unknown solution, with the help of the software’s easy to use displays. After that, we will determine the order of crystal violet and NaOH reaction from its absorbance curve.

Finally, we'll attach a fiber optic cable to the Spectrometer to look at the emission spectra from an unknown gaseous element inside a spectrum tube. Then we will use the software to identify the element from reference lines.

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