Boost your teachers’ success in the classroom with a series of affordable, customized online training sessions using PASCO technologies.

Custom Webinar

Our expert facilitators will design three sessions to meet the needs of your teachers, and then deliver the live sessions to you online. It’s the best of customized professional development without the hassles and expense of travel.

Each of the three 1.5 hour webinar sessions is scheduled for the participants’ convenience, typically after school or during PLC or PD time. The three sessions are conducted one or two weeks apart to give teachers time between sessions to implement what they’ve learned with their students.

Customized content can include hands-on activities for learning the essentials of your PASCO technologies, classroom-ready labs across the science subjects, and discussions to review attendees’ experiences in the classroom between sessions.

Participants can join the virtual workshop as a group in a single room or individually from their own computers. Our online training tool includes teleconferencing, screen sharing, video broadcasting, and text chat to ensure effective communication in both directions. Recordings of the session can be made for future review by attendees or for teachers who couldn’t attend live.

What's It Cost?

Custom webinar pricing is $750 for three 1.5-hour sessions.

More Information

For more information, or to begin planning your customized webinar sessions, reach out to your PASCO Education Consultant or contact our Professional Development team directly at