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TechNote 500 - How do I prevent DataStudio from launching automatically.

TechNote 1119 - Adminstrator Installation

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TechNote 1215 - How do I use the EX-55## 850 workbooks with ScienceWorkshop sensors?

TechNote 1216 - How can I change Capstone workbooks to use the 750 interface?

TechNote 1217 - Troubleshooting: How do I used the Match Graph files with interfaces other than the 850 or with ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensors?

TechNote 1219 - How do I calibrate an ISE electrode?

TechNote 1221 - How does PASCO Capstone calculate the velocity and acceleration data from the position data from the motion sensors?

TechNote 1227 - Which data file formats are compatible with which software packages?

TechNote 1231 - How to sample only on a measurement change

TechNote 1233 - Capstone video: How to show more than one run at a time in the graph display.

TechNote 1234 - Capstone video: Exporting Data through File-->Export

TechNote 1235 - Capstone video: Exporting Data through Copy to Excel

TechNote 1242 - Pinout diagram for I/O expansion port on back of 850 Interface

TechNote 1257 - On updating Capstone, Windows returns Error 1722.

TechNote 1258 - Cannot change Text entry box within Capstone on Macintosh.

TechNote 1262 - Need to remove spurious data points from displacement sensor data stream.

TechNote 1268 - If you find that some files crash when opening these with Capstone on Windows, you may have a corrupted installation of the Capstone software on your computer.

TechNote 1269 - Icons or text within Capstone appear too small on the screen

TechNote 1278 - When entering the key for Capstone, the computer does not remember the registration on restart of the program.

TechNote 1290 - The ScienceWorkshop 500 or 750 interface is not detected by Capstone when using the CI-6759A USB - to- Serial Adapter.

TechNote 1291 - How do I install PASCO Capstone in English on my non-English language Windows computer?

TechNote 1292 - Where can I find the files for the icons that are used with PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1298 - Which components of Capstone require Apple's Quicktime software to work? What will happen if I uninstall Quicktime?

TechNote 1306 - How do I import a DataStudio file into PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1317 -

TechNote 1322 - How do I configure a smart pulley setup (photogate with pulley) to get the rotational speed of the ME-9341

TechNote 1329 - Data not showing up in table, but is displayed on graph.

TechNote 1336 - After saving a PASCO Capstone file with the new 10.x version of PASCO Capstone images that were shown now disappear.

TechNote 1342 - Where can I find the summary of the functions within PASCO Capstone?

TechNote 1351 - On Mac 10.14+ Capstone crashes when trying to access a camera or camera display due to a user permissions issue