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TechNote 353 - A PASPort interface is not detected by Capstone, SPARKvue or DataStudio on a Windows computer.

TechNote 1055 - I have a license for SPARKvue. How do I update to the latest version?

TechNote 1058 - The Delete key in the Calculator screen is "greyed out" or unavailable.

TechNote 1097 - How do the features of the SPARKvue Emulator software that is included with the PS-2008 SPARK Science Learning System compare with a fully licensed version of SPARKvue?

TechNote 1119 - Adminstrator Installation

TechNote 1131 - SPARKlab does not fit on SPARK SLS screen.

TechNote 1133 - The Ocean Optics spectrometer is not recognized by SPARKvue software when connected to the computer.

TechNote 1153 - How do I use the SPARK SLS as stopwatch?

TechNote 1166 - How to measure absorbance/transmittance with SPARK SLS and an Ocean Optics Spectrometer

TechNote 1175 - Where do I put the SPARKvue labs so that I can find them when running SPARKvue in emulator mode?

TechNote 1179 - How to screenshot a graph from SPARKvue for iOS

TechNote 1184 - Troubleshooting: Home screen display for units for PS-2125 is in degrees F.

TechNote 1200 - How do I change the displayed language on my SPARK SLS or SPARKvue program or App?

TechNote 1219 - How do I calibrate an ISE electrode?

TechNote 1224 - Instructions on how to update firmware for Air Link 2 and SPARKLink Air

TechNote 1227 - Which data file formats are compatible with which software packages?

TechNote 1236 - Video does not play in SPARKvue.

TechNote 1239 - Cannot see SPARKlab on SPARK SLS

TechNote 1250 - How do I transfer multiple SPARKlabs to SPARKvue?

TechNote 1251 - SPARKvue gives 1152 Error on installation.

TechNote 1275 - Shared Session feature is not working in SPARKvue

TechNote 1294 - When installing SPARKvue on a Chromebook, the following error message appears at the top of the browser window: Package is invalid. Details: "Could not unzip extension"

TechNote 1304 - I have a SPARKLab file (.spk or .spk2) and I want to load it onto a Chromebook for use.

TechNote 1307 - Chromebook will not connect to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors.

TechNote 1317 -

TechNote 1341 - When launching SPARKvue an error message occurs: SPARKvue has encountered an error. Under the Exception Reason it reads: SPARKvue.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module .......ig4cd32,dll

TechNote 1347 - How do I turn off software update notifications for ALL installations for SPARKvue?