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TechNote 58 - How should the pH electrode be stored?

TechNote 167 - How do I calibrate the 699-085 pH probe when using it with the CI-6738 ISE amplifier box.

TechNote 230 - I miscalibrated one of the PASPort sensors attached to my XPlorer. How do I return to the default calibration?

TechNote 248 - Away from a computer, my Xplorer data logger does not record data.

TechNote 257 - The Xplorer reports "Error: Bad Data Sheet" when a specific PASPort sensor is connected to it.

TechNote 280 - Xplorer logs

TechNote 294 - My PASPort interface (link/Xplorer) is not detected on Windows ME.

TechNote 300 - Do you have a PASPort respiration sensor.

TechNote 302 - How do I maintain my pH electrode?

TechNote 305 - Why do my conductivity readings seem high? Why do I reach the maximum value when I try to read the conductivity of salt water?

TechNote 310 - A fatal exception error occurs when shutting down the computer with a Link/Xplorer connected. The computer may automatically restart.

TechNote 315 - The calibrated pH probe reads that pure water is acidic.

TechNote 341 - Connecting a SCSI-based ScienceWorkshop 750 interface to a computer running DataStudio 1.7.2- on Windows XP results in multiple requests to install the Xplorer.

TechNote 342 - How do I update the firmware on my PS-2000 Xplorer?

TechNote 353 - A PASPort interface is not detected by Capstone, SPARKvue or DataStudio on a Windows computer.

TechNote 355 - Units which were purchased before August 2002 are not detected or are detected intermittently.

TechNote 384 - What is the relationship between resistance and temperature for the PS-2131?

TechNote 387 - DataStudio identifies the PASPort Link as an Xplorer.

TechNote 391 - Exercise Heart Rate sensor is not detected by an Xplorer connected to DataStudio 1.80+.

TechNote 393 - The PASPort Xplorer is not detected by DataStudio 1.8.0+ on a Compaq EVO. Affected model(s): n1015. This issue is also reported with Compaq Presario 900z. This will likely affect computers using some Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALI) USB chipsets.

TechNote 403 - Xplorer freezes during firmware update before deleting the previous firmware memory.

TechNote 404 - What Palm Pilots are compatible with the PS-2001 PowerLink?

TechNote 411 - What is the maximum distance between host PC and sensor?

TechNote 426 - Temp/Light/Sound Specifications

TechNote 427 - What is the thermoelectric conversion for the type-K probe?

TechNote 435 - What is the principle of operation of the Rotary Motion Sensor?

TechNote 436 - What is the principle of operation of the motion sensor?

TechNote 437 - How do the PASCO force sensors work?

TechNote 439 - Oxygen Gas Sensor Theory & Care

TechNote 440 - How does the accelerometer work?

TechNote 441 - How do the PASCO Temperature Sensors work?

TechNote 442 - CO2 Gas Sensor Theory, Calibration & Troubleshooting

TechNote 448 - How do I add files to the workbook index?

TechNote 450 - I am unable to add new hardware in Windows XP or Windows 2000.

TechNote 451 - What are the specifications for the CO2 electrode?

TechNote 453 - How do I force a PASPort sensor/interface to update its datasheet?

TechNote 458 - Can I distinguish ports with the Quad Temp sensor when used with the Xplorer?

TechNote 470 - Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

TechNote 473 - What is the procedure for calibrating the Precision Drop Counter in DataStudio?

TechNote 490 - What is the battery life of the PS-2000 Xplorer data logger?

TechNote 497 - Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Preparation, Storage & Calibration

TechNote 498 - Altimeter Calibration

TechNote 500 - How do I prevent DataStudio from launching automatically.

TechNote 502 - Charge Sensor Operation

TechNote 503 - PAS-POIT Sensor gives absurd values of pH and mV when using with non-English localizations of DataStudio 1.9.0.

TechNote 509 - How do I predict the weather with a barometer?

TechNote 511 - Absolute Pressure sensor reads ~2x higher than it should.

TechNote 514 - Conductivity Sensor Proper Use

TechNote 516 - PASPort Light Sensor reads to 8100 Lux max, instead of 24000 Lux.

TechNote 518 - GLX Simulator Download

TechNote 526 - Data flips axes every 8190 points after downloading from the Xplorer GLX to DataStudio.

TechNote 529 - calculator functions in DataStudio / SPARK / PASCO Capstone

TechNote 532 - What is the use ORP electrode?

TechNote 533 - Xplorer GLX will not turn on.

TechNote 534 - GLX Firmware Update Procedure

TechNote 539 - Are the PASCO carts and sensors compatible with the Vernier Dynamics System?

TechNote 540 - How do I connect a PASPort AirLink to DataStudio on a PC?

TechNote 543 - How do I extend the life of the GLX battery?

TechNote 544 - Built-in GLX temperature ports read 15 C low at 100 C.

TechNote 545 - Unable to view files on FLASH drive.

TechNote 548 - Inaccurate Free Fall Time

TechNote 551 - How should I mount my weather or humidity sensor?

TechNote 553 - Oxygen Gas Sensor Troubleshooter

TechNote 558 - Can the Airlink be used with another PASPort interface?

TechNote 561 - Analog/digital adapter sensor list does not appear on Xplorer GLX.

TechNote 564 - Measuring the speed of sound with an Xplorer GLX.

TechNote 569 - What is the battery life of the GLX?

TechNote 572 - GLX reports "unable to parse datasheet" when pH Sensor is connected.

TechNote 575 - How do I measure illuminance?

TechNote 576 - What printers are compatible with the Xplorer GLX?

TechNote 580 - GLX functions when used with the GLX simulator, but nothing appears on the screen.

TechNote 582 - What sensors are compatible with the PS-2000 Xplorer?

TechNote 586 - PS-2000 Xplorer Reset Procedure

TechNote 590 - Ocean Optics Configuration

TechNote 596 - How do I calibrate the PASPort conductivity sensor?

TechNote 602 - How do I use my Vernier sensor(s) with a PASCO interface and PASCO software (DataStudio, SPARKvue, SPARKvue HD , or with the Xplorer GLX and SPARK SLS, or PASCO Capstone)?

TechNote 605 - GLX reports that the snapshot file is corrupt.

TechNote 606 - Data Collection fails immediately when connecting a PASPort sensor to the computer via the GLX.

TechNote 607 - Viewing the altitude measurement from the Accelerometer/Altimeter sensor in monitor mode on the Xplorer GLX digits display shows wildly incorrect data.

TechNote 609 - Laser Speed of Light Configuration

TechNote 611 - The sensor value changes when another sensor is placed in the same solution.

TechNote 612 - Digital Adapter LEDs are unresponsive when an attached photogate is interrupted and the Digital Adapter is connected to a USB Link.

TechNote 617 - Sampling errors occur when using the PS-2159 Digital Adapter with the CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor or CI-6742 Motion Sensor and the PS-2100A USB Link.

TechNote 620 - Unable to upgrade to the latest version of the Xplorer firmware.

TechNote 626 - My GLX Power Amplifier will not calibrate.

TechNote 628 - Unable to connect to PS-2100A USB Link after upgrading the firmware with DataStudio

TechNote 629 - PS-2100A USB Link + PS-2158 Analog Adapter returns incorrect analog sensor readings regardless of the sensor being used.

TechNote 630 - How do I calibrate the pH sensor?

TechNote 637 - Motion Sensor Pinout

TechNote 642 - PASPort Link firmware update on a MacOS 10.4 computer fails or PowerPC-based Macs.

TechNote 655 - PS-2159 Digital Adapter Buffer Size

TechNote 658 - USB Interface Fails to Respond After a Reproducible Interval on a PC

TechNote 662 - Motion Sensor Troubleshooter

TechNote 666 - Exporting Data from the Xplorer GLX to Google Earth

TechNote 672 - GLX reports "GLX BOOT VERSION 0.00 / GO FIRMWARE".

TechNote 673 - Mercury lines are difficult to obtain.

TechNote 674 - Unable to view both radial and axial magnetic field measurements with the PS-2000.

TechNote 679 - SPARK SLS Printer Compatibility

TechNote 992 - Activating icons requires too much pressure or the icons will not activate at all.

TechNote 996 - The sensor does not fit into the ports on the top of the SPARK SLS or SPARKlink.

TechNote 1000 - Thermopile Sensor Response

TechNote 1002 - Equipment required for the labs included with the SPARK SLS

TechNote 1007 - Noisy signal with EM-8617.

TechNote 1008 - The SPARK system does not have an output for the rack and pinion setting; small pulley and middle pulley; and the large pulley with the o-ring attached.

TechNote 1012 - Advanced Biology Guide Errata

TechNote 1013 - The 2-axis force platform does not show changing parallel forces.

TechNote 1015 - DataStudio and the Xplorer GLX calculator functions will return real values for the log, ln, and square root of negative numbers.

TechNote 1016 - High-Resolution Force Sensor (PS-2189) is either undetected or intermittently detected.

TechNote 1017 - Load Cell Specifications

TechNote 1018 - Heart Rate Sensor Theory of Operation

TechNote 1021 - SPARK Maintenance Screens

TechNote 1025 - How do I reset the SPARK Science Learning System?

TechNote 1026 - How do I calibrate the screen on the SPARK SLS?

TechNote 1027 - Photogate cable for photogate head not working properly.

TechNote 1028 - Accurate Photogate Timing

TechNote 1029 - Is it possible to use a J type thermocouple probe with the K type readers?

TechNote 1030 - How do I emulate the SPARK Science Learning System on my computer?

TechNote 1031 - How do I find the version number for my SPARK SLS?

TechNote 1032 - Installation of SPARKvue on a non-English language computer running Windows XP results in the error message (translated): “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete was not available.”

TechNote 1039 - A warning states that SPARKvue has only a limited time remaining or SPARKvue states the evaluation period has expired.

TechNote 1040 - When saving a file through SPARKvue, SPARKvue gives the error, "An error occurred saving the file."

TechNote 1042 - How do I find the firmware version on the GLX?

TechNote 1045 - DataStudio gets stuck when using the AirLink with the Water Quality sensor.

TechNote 1046 - Motion sensor data has spurious spikes when used with the GLX.

TechNote 1048 - TRS Port 2 is non-functional on the PS-2159 Digital Adapter when Port 1 on the Digital Adapter is selected as a CI-6462 Relay.

TechNote 1049 - I need to get my USB Mass Storage Device (FLASH drive, ...) ready for a SPARK SLS firmware update.

TechNote 1050 - How do I pause data collection without starting another data run using PASPORT interfaces within DataStudio?

TechNote 1051 - SPARK Science Learning System Firmware Update Procedure

TechNote 1052 - Describes how to export the Journal to print a SPARKLab from a computer.

TechNote 1053 - How do I determine the correlation coefficient (r) for my data set.

TechNote 1054 - How do I change the sign of the output from the load cell amplifier?

TechNote 1056 - The values for the ammonia content within water samples do not match with the values expected.

TechNote 1058 - The Delete key in the Calculator screen is "greyed out" or unavailable.

TechNote 1059 - SPARK KML, GIS, GPX export options are unavailable.

TechNote 1061 - SPARK SLS takes a long time to start or restart.

TechNote 1062 - Magnetic field sensor drifts.

TechNote 1063 - Windows reports "device was improperly installed" when the SPARK SLS is connected.

TechNote 1065 - SPARK Science Learning System does not respond to touch

TechNote 1069 - PASPort sensors identification

TechNote 1070 - How do I calibrate radiometric light intensity?

TechNote 1071 - GLX runs off AC, but unit will not run off battery power.

TechNote 1072 - Alternative power sources for SPARK SLS.

TechNote 1073 - Power connector specifications for Xplorer GLX (PS-2002) for extended data collection.

TechNote 1075 - The thermocline sensor places large demand on battery supply of attached interfaces.

TechNote 1078 - Ethanol Sensor Calibration Procedure

TechNote 1080 - Labview-ScienceWorkshop750 Setup

TechNote 1082 - How to measure absorbance with Xplorer GLX and Ocean Optics spectrometer

TechNote 1083 - Power connector specifications for AirLink2 (PS-2010) for extended data collection.

TechNote 1087 - The SPARK Science Learning System will not charge.

TechNote 1091 - Flow Rate Sensor Troubleshooting

TechNote 1093 - My Xplorer GLX got immersed in water.

TechNote 1099 - DataStudio scope displays no data.

TechNote 1103 - Water Quality Colorimeter reports non-zero concentrations with a clear ampoule.

TechNote 1107 - Cannot export data with desired precision.

TechNote 1110 - The shortcut icons for SPARKvue are not appearing on my desktop on Windows.

TechNote 1114 - How do I use the ME-9279(A) with DataStudio?

TechNote 1115 - Theory of Operation for Colorimeter

TechNote 1120 - Oxygen gas sensor is sensitive to changes in ambient pressure.

TechNote 1123 - Blood Pressure Sensor Theory of Operation

TechNote 1127 - The displacement sensor (PS-2204) is not recognized when using a PASPORT Extension Cable (PS-2500) to attach it to PowerLink (PS-2001).

TechNote 1130 - Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor Troubleshooter

TechNote 1134 - SPARK SLS Firmware Update Troubleshooting

TechNote 1136 - How to transfer data from SPARK SLS to DataStudio.

TechNote 1139 - Can multiple AirLink(2)s SPARKlinks be used simultaneously within a classroom?

TechNote 1143 - PS-2100 USB Link no longer functions after firmware upgrade by DataStudio on Windows.

TechNote 1145 - The light does not turn off at the conclusion of the turbidity calibration

TechNote 1148 - Using ScienceWorkshop sensors with PASPort interfaces

TechNote 1149 - Anemometer Theory of Operation

TechNote 1153 - How do I use the SPARK SLS as stopwatch?

TechNote 1155 - Comparison of Barometric Pressure Readings with Weather Stations

TechNote 1156 - Voltage-Current Sensor Theory of Operation

TechNote 1157 - Troubleshooting: SPARK SLS does not charge on SPARK charging station, but it charges with the individual charger.

TechNote 1159 - EKG Sensor Troubleshooting

TechNote 1160 - Are there alternative calibration solutions for use with the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) probe?

TechNote 1163 - The dissolved oxygen probe that I have does not have a silver ring.

TechNote 1171 - How do I calibrate the PASPORT High Accuracy Drop counter within DataStudio?

TechNote 1172 - The posts from a spirometer mouth piece broke off into the spirometer handle

TechNote 1173 - What is the natural frequency of the force platforms?

TechNote 1175 - Where do I put the SPARKvue labs so that I can find them when running SPARKvue in emulator mode?

TechNote 1178 - 850 Firmware Upgrade Freezes PASCO Capstone

TechNote 1179 - How to screenshot a graph from SPARKvue for iOS

TechNote 1180 - How do I get replacement parts for the specimen holders for the tensile testers?

TechNote 1184 - Troubleshooting: Home screen display for units for PS-2125 is in degrees F.

TechNote 1189 - Troubleshooting: How to install DataStudio on Mac OS 10.8 or later.

TechNote 1191 - What is the resolution of the built-in temperature and voltage sensors?

TechNote 1192 - Troubleshooting: PS-2119 not recording on Capstone

TechNote 1193 - Troubleshooting: PS-2119 giving negative readings of what is expected.

TechNote 1196 - How do I get microscope images into SPARKvue HD?

TechNote 1197 - How do I use BTA sensors with SPARKvue?

TechNote 1200 - How do I change the displayed language on my SPARK SLS or SPARKvue program or App?

TechNote 1201 - Troubleshooting: Where is the serial number?

TechNote 1203 - Can I use ScienceWorkshop sensors with an iOS or Android device?

TechNote 1204 - Software fails to recognize sensors on the port closest to the voltage sensor.

TechNote 1207 - Troubleshooting: USB flash drive not recognized.

TechNote 1208 - How do I charge the PS-2011 while in the field?

TechNote 1209 - Troubleshooting: Measuring voltage through built-in voltage sensor is noisy.

TechNote 1212 - How do I connect a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless interface to a Windows computer with SPARKvue or Capstone?

TechNote 1214 - Where do I find the tutorial files for PASCO Capstone Video Analysis?

TechNote 1217 - Troubleshooting: How do I used the Match Graph files with interfaces other than the 850 or with ScienceWorkshop Motion Sensors?

TechNote 1220 - My Android device does not have all of the labs that I want to use on it. How do I load large groups of labs at one time?

TechNote 1221 - How does PASCO Capstone calculate the velocity and acceleration data from the position data from the motion sensors?

TechNote 1222 - Troubleshooting: My Samsung device does not have all of the labs that I want to use within SPARKvue.

TechNote 1224 - Instructions on how to update firmware for Air Link 2 and SPARKLink Air

TechNote 1225 - Instructions for updating PASPORT interfaces with the free PASCO Firmware Updater tool (Windows only).

TechNote 1227 - Which data file formats are compatible with which software packages?

TechNote 1229 - The Advanced Chemistry Sensor pH measurement is always 7.

TechNote 1230 - Firmware update fails

TechNote 1231 - How to sample only on a measurement change

TechNote 1233 - Capstone video: How to show more than one run at a time in the graph display.

TechNote 1239 - Cannot see SPARKlab on SPARK SLS

TechNote 1242 - Pinout diagram for I/O expansion port on back of 850 Interface

TechNote 1243 - SPARKvue does not detect a sensor connected to a Bluetooth interface.

TechNote 1246 - SPARKlink Air will not charge from a USB port.

TechNote 1248 - Installing SPARKvue 1.4 overwrites files for newer firmware versions for interfaces and sensor data sheets with outdated versions of these files.

TechNote 1251 - SPARKvue gives 1152 Error on installation.

TechNote 1260 - Tips for Performing Conduction, pH and Thermo titration

TechNote 1261 - How do I know if the SPARK is charging the battery?

TechNote 1262 - Need to remove spurious data points from displacement sensor data stream.

TechNote 1264 - What is the fastest way to charge my AirLink2?

TechNote 1266 - Optical Dissolved Oxygen (ODO) Troubleshooting

TechNote 1271 - The red charging light on my device keeps flashing when the device has been plugged in for a very long time.

TechNote 1286 - My Android tablet is not seeing my sensors.

TechNote 1287 - DataStudio is no longer being developed or updated and new PASCO interfaces are not supported under DataStudio. Which PASCO interfaces are compatible with DataStudio?

TechNote 1289 - How do I add a Cover Sheet for an existing SPARKlab for SPARKvue 2.0 and above?

TechNote 1296 - Wireless sensors or Airlink (PS-3200) not detected on Windows computer.

TechNote 1302 - What is the mass of the load cell within the Smart Carts?

TechNote 1304 - I have a SPARKLab file (.spk or .spk2) and I want to load it onto a Chromebook for use.

TechNote 1305 - Are higher sampling rates available for PASPORT style force sensors when attached to a 550 or 850 interface?

TechNote 1307 - Chromebook will not connect to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors.

TechNote 1312 - Spirometer shows an offset in the flow rate, or a drift in the total flow.

TechNote 1318 - Airlink (PS-3200) or Wireless Sensor is not charging or responding.

TechNote 1332 - What is the proper disposal method of the sensing element for the oxygen gas sensor?

TechNote 1344 - What components are used within the pipe network?

TechNote 1348 - What do the different colored LED blink codes mean on my SPARK LXi interface?

TechNote 1350 - After selecting the App Store icon on the SPARK Element the new PASCO logo (blue text on white background) is shown, then it goes to grey screen and the busy cursor spins indefinitely. The PASCO App Store never opens and must be force-quit.