Tech Note 93 Detail

Update Device Driver Wizard

Affected Products:

CI-6565 ScienceWorkshop 700

Everytime I boot my computer running Windows 95, I get a message about an unknown device. I always click cancel and the 700 interface is found by ScienceWorkshop. How do I stop getting that message at startup?

PASCO Solution:
To avoid having the device driver wizard window open when Windows 95 starts, do not hit cancel when the wizard appears. Instead select Next. Wait while Windows searches for a driver file. When one is not found, Windows will give you the option to Finish. Click on Finish.

This process (clicking Next, waiting, and then clicking Finish) will stop the device driver wizard window from opening at the startup.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 01/1/2000
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