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The 700 interface, AVA-1505&1505A, and Windows NT

Affected Products:

CI-6565A ScienceWorkshop 700 Interface

Will ScienceWorkshop and the 700 interface work in the Windows NT environment?

PASCO Solution:
Although many users been successful in running Science Workshop and the 700 interface in the Windows NT environment, we do not officially guarantee that the software and interface will run in this platform.

The following is a list of instructions for installing the 700 interface and AVA-1505 SCSI Host Adapter in Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3).

These directions assume you do not have any IRQ (Interrupt Request) conflicts. By default the IRQ setting on the SCSI is 11. Please go to "Windows NT Diagnostics" and select "Resources" to check if IRQ 11 is already in use. This should be done with the driver removed and the card removed form the computer. If it is already in use by another device, you will need to change the IRQ of that device to a value other than 11. NOTE:The AVA-1505 SCSI Host Adapter will only work on IRQ 11 in the Windows NT environment.

Steps 1-6 assume the Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3) CD-ROM disk is readily available. Otherwise, skip items 1-6 and go on to the next section.
  1. Insert the Windows NT CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. NOTE: You will not need to insert the Windows NT CD-ROM disk if the driver is already on the computer.
  2. Go to the "Control Panel" and select "SCSI Adapters." Once you are in, select "Drivers". Click on the button for adding drivers. Select the driver for the Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Host Adapter. You can choose the 1515 or 1510 SCSI Host Adapter too.
  3. After selecting the driver you will need to reboot the computer.
  4. Make sure that the 700 interface is turned on before rebooting.
  5. After rebooting go to the "Control Panel" and select "SCSI Adapters". If the installation was successful, you will see an entry for the 1515 SCSI Host Adapter. Click on this entry. You should see an entry for the PASCO interface.
  6. Run Science Workshop.

  7. If you don't have the proper SCSI Adapter listed under "Drivers" of "SCSI Adapters" as mentioned in item 2 and you don‚t have the Windows NT CD-ROM do the following:

    You will need to download two drivers from the Adaptec web site ( The names of the driver files are ASPI32.EXE and 6000WNT.EXE. The former is used to update the dynamic link libraries if Windows NT.

    NOTE: The Adaptec web pages often change. If you can‚t find the page go to select "SUPPORT" for the web page and select "DRIVERS." You will want drivers for the "SCSI Host Adapters." To find the ASPI32.EXE file you will have to go to "SOFTWARE UPDATES" of the "SUPPORT" page.

    After downloading the ASPI32.EXE driver,run the program. It automatically places all the needed files in the proper directories.

    After downloading the 6000WNT.EXE driver, run the program. Please read the "README" file. Copy the file sparrow.sys to the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM directory.

    You will have then to follow steps 3-6 that are described above.

    NOTE: The web page where the driver of interest is located also contains a selection for the AVA-1505 Host Adapter's Installation Guide.

    PASCO has successfully installed the 700 interface with the AVA-1505A SCSI Host Adapter. Since the AVA-1505A is in the same family of Host Adapters as the AVA-1505, simply use the above instructions for installation.

    If the Science Workshop software does not find the 700 interface, you should try the additional troubleshooting tips.

Creation Date: 01/1/2000
Last Modified: 11/8/2001
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