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SCSI Card Info

Affected Products:

CI-6548 Adaptec SCSI Port Adapter Card

Should I get the CI-6548 SCSI card?

PASCO Solution:
The 700 interface connects to the SCSI port on a computer. The 750 interface connects to the SCSI port or to a Serial Port. All Macintosh computers (beginning with the Mac Plus) except for the iMac have a SCSI port built in. If you have a Macintosh computer you do not need a SCSI card. People who own PCs will need to install a SCSI adapter card. PASCO sells the CI-6548 Adaptec AVA 1505 SCSI card. This card may be used if your computer has an open ISA slot. If you have a PC laptop computer, PCI architecture or MCA architecture, you will need a different SCSI card. Contact Technical Support for more information. The 500 and 300 interfaces connect to the computer through the COM (serial) or modem port and do not require the SCSI card. If you are using the SCSI card and the software does not find the 700 or 750 interface, you should consult the 700 interface troubleshooting tips or 750 interface troubleshooting tips.

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