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ME-6839 Error Codes

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ME-6839 Error Codes

PASCO Solution:

Power-On Self-Test Failure Indications

All indications are based on a repeating sequence of 1-4 short LED blinks separated by a 1.2 second delay. The high voltage power supply is disabled whenever a fault is detected.

  • 1 Blink: Hall Effect device failure.
  • 2 Blinks: Comparator output stuck ON.
  • 3 Blinks: Coil failed to dischage storage capacitors.
  • 4 Blinks: Storage capacitors failed to fully charge (this test is active during normal operation).

If you see any of these error codes, please try unplugging the power supply from the wall and then reconnecting it. The green LED should flash and then become steady after a few seconds.

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