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Motion Sensor Pinout

Affected Products:

CI-6742 Motion Sensor II

Motion Sensor Pinout

PASCO Solution:

The Motion sensor measures the time between a pulse train of ultrasonic pulses and their echoes in order to determine the distance to objects. The pinouts of the motion sensor are as follows:

  • Yellow Plug:
    • Tip: NC (No connection.)
    • Ring: Trigger Signal (5 V TTL)
    • Sleeve: GND
  • Black Plug:
    • Tip: + 5 V
    • Ring: Echo Signal (5 V TTL)
    • Sleeve: GND

The yellow ring is normally at +5 VDC. To initiate a measurement, the yellow ring voltage drops to 0 V for 0.13 ms. At the falling edge of the input signal, the black ring (output signal) from the sensor drops from +5 VDC to 0 VDC. At the rising edge of the input signal, the transducer emits a square wave pulse train of 16 ultrasonic pulses at a sound frequency of about 49 kHz.

There is a dead time of about 0.85 ms, where the sensor will not detect an ultrasonic echo. When an echo is detected, the output signal rises from 0 VDC to +5 VDC.

If using the PASCO PASPORT Digital Adapter - PS-2159 , the yellow 1/4" stereo phone plug should be connected to Channel 1 of the Digital Adapter.

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