Tech Note 629 Detail

USB Link and Analog Adapter incorrect voltage readings

Affected Products:

PS-2100a USB Link
PS-2158 PASPORT Analog Adapter

PS-2100A USB Link + PS-2158 Analog Adapter returns incorrect analog sensor readings regardless of the sensor being used.

PASCO Solution:
Update the firmware on the PS-2100A USB Link using the following steps:
  1. Disconnect the PS-2100A and close DataStudio.
  2. Connect the PS-2100A USB Link to your computer without a sensor (or PS-2158) connected.
  3. Go to and download the UsbLink2.hex file
  4. Save it to the C:\Program Files\DataStudio\Plugins\DataSheets directory (replace the same-named file that already exists in the directory)
  5. Launch DataStudio.
  6. When prompted to update the firmware on the PS-2100A, click Yes.
After the firmware is updated, the PS-2100A should give correct sensor data.

Creation Date: 02/4/2008
Last Modified: 02/4/2008
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