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Recommended Cart Lubrication Procedure

Affected Products:

ME-9454 Collision Cart
ME-6950 PAScar (Set of 2)

What is the recommended lubrication procedure for the PASCO carts?

PASCO Solution:

The wheels on the PASCO cars may not spin freely as a result of either contamination and/or lack of lubrication. It is important to clean and lubricate the bearings annually because running the bearings without a continuous coating of lubricant will cause microscopic pitting on the surfaces of the bearings and races, permanently destroying the bearings.

Lubrication Procedure

  1. If you are using the PASCars or GOcars, remove the bottom plate from the cart and remove the wheel-axle assemblies.
  2. Blow bursts of compressed air at the bearings until all lint has been removed from the bearings.
  3. If the bearings are still dirty, clean them with stream of isopropanol or ethanol and blow compressed air at them until they are dry.
  4. Using a syringe or pen applicator, add a few drops of low-viscosity (20 cst) silicone lubricant to the bearings.
  5. Spin the wheels to distribute the oil.
  6. Wipe off any excess oil off the wheels and axles.


We recommend that you use only low-viscosity (~20 cSt), oil-based lubricants, rather than greases or waxes. If the lubricant that you use contains a solvent, we recommend masking or wiping off the polycarbonate wheels so that they are not damaged by the solvent. Below are some specific lubricant recommendations:

Lubricant Rating Notes Indications Availability
**** Low viscosity (20 cSt).
Solvent free.
Not available in small quantities.
Use 2-3 drops per bearing. Distribute.



Moderately priced.
Widely available.
Low tenacity.
Contains solvents.
Completely coat while avoiding overspray on the wheels. Wipe up excess. Hardware Stores

Note: Despite their lower coefficients of friction, we no longer recommend any of the solid-bearing lubricants currently on the market, such as those containing boric acid (MotorSilk, LubriSilk) or molybdenum sulfides (Purple Extreme, (Mo4S4(ROCS2)6., R groups between about C4 H9 and about C14 H29)) due to complaints about their relatively high viscosity and high volatility, respectively.


If the wheel lubrication fails to restore the wheels to full operation, we offer the ME-6957 Cart Replacement Axles (4 pack).

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Last Modified: 07/9/2009
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