Tech Note 545 Detail

Viewing files from a FLASH drive.

Affected Products:

PS-2002 Xplorer GLX

Unable to view files on FLASH drive.

PASCO Solution:

You need to have *.glx experiment files in a top level folder in the USB stick, named "Experiments". The GLX will not handle folder operations within the flash driver.

In order to open a file, you must "move" or "copy" to the GLX resident memory (either flash or RAM). Then, you can "open" the experiment on the GLX.

If you connect a flash drive and do not see its icon in the Data Files screen, please help us by displaying this diagnostic menu.

  1. Hold down the Esc button, then press 5, then 0, then release the Esc button.
  2. The menu that appears will look something like this:

    <--- Sie0: Slave Mode --->
    <--- Sie1: Host Mode --->
    Dev: Vhhhh/Phhhh (8/6/80)

    (hhhh are hexidecimal digits, 8/6/80 says that this is a USB storage device with a specific protocol)
  3. Record the hhhh value, the last three numbers, the manufacturer, model #, and capacity.
  4. Send this information to Technical Support.

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