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Xplorer GLX Battery Care

Affected Products:

PS-2002 Xplorer GLX

How do I extend the life of the GLX battery?

PASCO Solution:


The GLX is provided with rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) batteries, which should last for 500-1000 charging cycles with proper care. You can charge up to 20 units simultaneously with the PS-2557 Xplorer GLX Gang Charger.


  1. Connect the AC adapter to the power port on the right side of the GLX and plug the adapter into a power outlet.
  2. Leave the GLX plugged in for at least 6 hours to allow the battery to fully charge. (You may use the GLX while it is charging.)
  3. Allow the GLX to completely discharge. (This allows the charge controller to accurately gauge the capacity of the NiMH batteries.)
  4. Charge the batteries fully.


  • Remote
    • Copy any data you wish to keep to FLASH or a computer hard drive before the battery level drops below 20%. (Data is stored in volatile RAM until it is manually saved.)
    • Connect the GLX to a charger when the battery level is at ~ 20%, except every 30th discharge, in which case, use the GLX until it shuts off (0.9 V/cell).
    • When possible, turn the unit off when you are not sampling.
    • If you expect to be sampling more than 4-5 hours, choose a sampling rate of less than once every 30 seconds.
    • Connect the GLX to the charger until the battery is fully charged. (You may use the unit while it charges.)
  • Classroom
    1. Use the GLX connected to the charger. (It is safe to leave the GLX connected to the charger indefinitely.)
    2. Monthly or bimonthly, disconnect the GLX from the charger and let GLX run until it shuts off (0.9 V/cell).


  1. Copy any data you wish to keep to FLASH or a computer hard drive.
  2. Charge the batteries to at least 40% of capacity.
  3. Disconnect the external power charger.
  4. GLX units Whose First Four Serial Numbers are equal to or before 0624
    1. Disconnect the batteries entirely from the GLX, if you are storing for more than 30 days.
      1. Unplug the GLX from a power outlet.
      2. Hold down the power button until the GLX turns off.
      3. Remove the two Phillips-head screws on the back of the GLX that are furthest from the screen.
      4. Remove the battery cover.
      5. Place one hand under the battery and flip the GLX over so that the battery falls into your hand.
      6. Holding the battery, flip the GLX over again.
      7. Pull and rock all of the four cables until the connector comes out.
      8. Replace the battery cover and screws so that they do not get lost.
  5. GLX units Whose First Four Serial Numbers are after 0624
    1. Optional: Manually put the GLX into Deep Sleep mode:
      1. Go to Home/Settings.
      2. Press F3 to open the Battery Set menu.
      3. Press the check mark button to select Disconnect Battery.
      4. (You will see a warning message.) Press OK if you have already saved any data that you wish to keep.
      5. (To turn the GLX back on, connect the AC adapter or press the reset button on the back of the GLX.)

Recommended: Discharge and recharge the batteries at least once every 60 days or 2-3 times to help maintain the full capacity of the batteries.

  1. Fully charge the batteries (~ 6 hours).
  2. Discharge the batteries completely until the GLX shuts off (0.9 V/cell).


  1. Upgrade the firmware on the GLX.
  2. Follow the procedure in Tech Note 1071 - GLX Battery Check.


(Note: Only purchase the replacement batteries if you are going to install them immediately within the GLX and then charge the GLX with the new batteries installed.)

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Last Modified: 10/24/2014
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