Tech Note 539 Detail

Compatibility of PASCO products with Vernier Dynamics System.

Affected Products:

CI-6742 Motion Sensor II
ME-9204 Accessory Photogate
PS-2104 PASPORT Force Sensor

Are the PASCO carts and sensors compatible with the Vernier Dynamics System?

PASCO Solution:

The gauge of both the traditional PASCO IDS carts and the newer PASCars are compatible with the VERNIER Dynamics Track / Optics Bench. The Vernier cart mounting system is sufficiently flexible that one can mount PASCO force sensors and motion sensors to the tops of the carts by clamping them between Vernier posts.

PASCO photogate mounts will also attach to the sides of the Vernier track.

Note: PASCO motion sensors will not clip onto the ends of the Vernier Dynamics System; however, the motion sensors can simply sit on the ends of the track.

Creation Date: 08/22/2005
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