Tech Note 503 Detail

PAS-POIT Sensor gives absurd pH and mV values with DataStudio 1.9.0.

Affected Products:

PS-2147 PASPORT Precision pH/ORP/ISE Amplifier with Temperature

PAS-POIT Sensor gives absurd values of pH and mV when using with non-English localizations of DataStudio 1.9.0.

PASCO Solution:
Once the calibration values have been corrupted in the firmware, the sensor must be returned to PASCO scientific for recalibration. To prevent further corruption, one should not use PASPOIT sensors with DataStudio 1.9.0 until the PASPortal update below has been installed:
  1. Download and decompress the file below.
  2. Overwrite the existing PASPortal dll in the C:\Program Files\DataStudio\Plugins with the version that you just downloaded.
  3. Restart DataStudio.
  4. It is now safe to use your uncorrupted PASPOIT sensors with DataStudio.
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PASPortal Update

Creation Date: 07/29/2004
Last Modified: 02/23/2005
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