Tech Note 501 Detail

DataStudio uninstallation from Windows XP

Affected Products:

CI-6870 DataStudio, Single User

How do I uninstall DataStudio from Windows XP?

PASCO Solution:
Normally you should uninstall DataStudio from the Start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs dialog in the Windows. Should this fail to remove DataStudio, you may need to try one of these progressively drastic measures for uninstalling DataStudio:
  1. Check that you are attempting to uninstall while logged into the computer as an administrator. If not, log off and relogin as an administrator. Reattempt uninstalling DataStudio.
  2. If you are not already using the latest version of DataStudio, upgrade, attempt to uninstall the version that you just downloaded.
  3. Download and run the Microsoft CleanUp Utility. Go to Start >> Programs >> Windows Install Cleanup. Select (All Users) DataStudio. Select Remove.
  4. Use the Windows Restore feature to set your computer configuration back to a date, just prior to when DataStudio was installed. Note: you will not lose any data, only registration information. (Type "Restore" into the Windows help for this feature.) If other programs were installed after DataStudio was installed, you will need to reinstall these programs.
  5. Run "regedit" and delete all keys and folders with the occurrences of "DataStudio" or "PASCO". This is time consuming, but will not impact any other programs. Reinstall DataStudio.

Creation Date: 06/25/2004
Last Modified: 10/22/2004
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