Tech Note 494 Detail

Light Source Bulb Replacement

Affected Products:

OS-8517 Light Source -- Basic Optics

How do I replace the bulb in the OS-8517(A) light source.

PASCO Solution:
Requires either a #4 Philips head screw driver or a #4 Torx driver.
  1. Detach the power cord.
  2. Remove the bracket from the light source by prying its metal supports apart slightly.
  3. Remove the four screws as highlighted in the diagram.

  4. Light Source Diagram
  5. Pull out the old bulb and replace.
  6. To prevent premature failure, wipe off any finger prints with a cloth wetted with alcohol.
  7. Replace the two halves back together and replace the screws and bracket.

Creation Date: 06/8/2004
Last Modified: 06/8/2004
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