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DataStudio Movie Synchronization

Affected Products:

CI-6871E DataStudio Software (Site License)
CI-6870E DataStudio Software (Single User)

How do I synchronize data with a movie in DataStudio?

PASCO Solution:

A video tutorial describing video synchronization is located here titled "Adding Movies to Workbooks". Below is a summary of the steps involved in creating and synchronizing a video:

  1. Drop both a graph display and a video display into the workbook page.
  2. Drag and drop the measurement that you want into the graph display.
  3. Play the video clip and identify a point at which there is a distinct event that can be seen in both the video and the data (even though they are not synchronized at this point).
  4. Stop the video and frame-advance or frame-rewind until the video is at that discrete event/frame.
  5. Right-click on the video to open the menu and choose "Link to Display."
  6. Move the mouse/pointer to the display on which you would like to synchronize.
  7. Click on the display that you would like to synchronize with the movie. You have now formed the link, which is symbolized by a gray line connecting the display with the video.
  8. To synchronize the video to the data, right-click on the video object and select "Synchronize Movie...". A dialog box will open.
  9. Identify the time in the data run that corresponds to the distinct event in the video.
  10. Enter this time in the dialog box.
  11. Play the video and the data display to ensure that the selected synchronization is accurate.

Note: Video Synchronization is not supported for edited data sets. Please see Tech Note #485.

Creation Date: 05/28/2004
Last Modified: 03/26/2012
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