Tech Note 490 Detail

Xplorer Battery Life

Affected Products:

PS-2000 Xplorer Datalogger

What is the battery life of the PS-2000 Xplorer data logger?

PASCO Solution:

PS-2000 Xplorer Battery Life is a function of the sensor used with the unit, the detailed construction of the battery, and the sampling rate. Here are some measured battery lives using Energizer-brand alkaline batteries:

Sensor Sample Rate (Hz) Battery Life (h)
PS-2125 Temperature (low drain) 1 7.8
0.017 64.8
PS-2104 Force (medium drain) 1 8.6
0.017 58.4
PS-2110 CO2 (highest drain) 1 1.7
0.017 ???

Click here for more information on PASPort sensor power consumption.

Creation Date: 05/24/2004
Last Modified: 04/22/2010
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