Tech Note 488 Detail

Ohaus serial balance fails to connect to DataStudio.

Affected Products:

SE-8756a OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 400 g
SE-8757A OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 2000 g
SE-8758A OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 6000 g

Ohaus serial balance fails to connect to DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:
  1. Check that you have an Ohaus Scout Pro balance. (Connections to other balances are not supported.)
  2. Check that you have a supported operating system (Win98/Windows 2000/ Windows Me/Windows XP). (Connections to the Ohaus balances from Macintosh computers are not supported.)
  3. Update to DataStudio1.9+.
  4. Change the COM number to one that is not in use and is less than COM 6; otherwise, select one that claims to be in use, but is a virtual COM port.
  5. Check the communications parameters:
    • Baud: 2400
    • Data Bits:7
    • Stop bits:2
    • Parity:none
    • Handshaking:none

    Other settings are usually optional.

  6. Close any application that might monopolize a COM port, such as the Palm "Hotsync" manager.
  7. Open DataStudio.
  8. Click the Setup button to open the Experiment Setup window.
  9. Click the "Add Sensor or Instrument..." button.
  10. Select "Instruments" from the pull-down menu.
  11. Select "Ohaus balance".
  12. The start button should light up in about 4 seconds if everything is OK.

Creation Date: 05/17/2004
Last Modified: 05/17/2004
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