Tech Note 477 Detail

CI-6605 Temperature Sensor does not read correctly with SW300/500.

Affected Products:

CI-6605 Temperature Sensor

The CI-6605 Temperature Sensor does not read the proper temperature when connected to the B or C channels of a ScienceWorkshop 300/500 Interface.

PASCO Solution:
  • The CI-6605 is not compatible with the ScienceWorkshop software, you must use DataStudio version 1.8.5 or later.
  • In the DataStudio Setup window, select the Temperature (Stainless Steel) icon, rather than the generic Temperature Sensor icon.
  • Use only Analog Channel A when using the CI-6605 with either a ScienceWorkshop 300 or ScienceWorkshop 500 interface.

Creation Date: 03/25/2004
Last Modified: 05/26/2004
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