Tech Note 470 Detail

Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

Affected Products:

SE-8756A OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 400 g
SE-8757A OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 2000 g
SE-8758A OHAUS Scout Pro Balance, 6000 g

Ohaus Scout Pro Balance with USB Adapter is not recognized by DataStudio.

PASCO Solution:

Using the Ohaus (Scout Pro) Balance with DataStudio

  1. Check that you have a supported operating system (Win98/2K/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7). Connections to the Ohaus balances from Macintosh computers are not supported.
  2. Update to DataStudio1.9.8r10+. (Windows Vista/7 users will need to follow the directions in Tech Note 583.)
  3. Configure the Ohaus balance the first time it is used:
    1. Insert the USB interface module into the bottom of the balance.
    2. Turn the Lock switch on the bottom of the balance to the unlocked position.
    3. If the balance is on, press and hold the ON/ZERO/OFF button until the display says OFF.
    4. Hold down the ON/ZERO/OFF button until the display says M.E.N.U. .(This takes approximately 5 seconds.)
    5. The menu should flash the service release version. It should say S.r. 1.14 or later.
    6. Tap the PRINT/UNIT button to navigate the menus and the ON/ZERO/OFF button to make a selection. When you make a selection or select .E.n.d., you will be bumped to the next higher menu.
      1. U.S.b. / On-Off = On
      2. U.S.b. / bAud = 2400
      3. U.S.b. / PArity = 7- none
      4. U.S.b. / HAndSh = nonE
      5. Setup / A-Off = Off
      6. Setup / MOdE = Off
      7. P.r.i.n.t / StAblE = Off
      8. P.r.i.n.t / A.Print = Cont
  4. Hold down the ON/ZERO/OFF button for at least 5 seconds to turn the balance off.
  5. Plug the balance into the USB port and turn it on. The Hardware Wizard should find new hardware.
  6. When the Wizard requests a location of the driver, allow Windows to install it automatically from their website or download the virtual com port driver for your operating system from FTDI.
  7. If your mouse cursor starts skipping around, turn off the Ohaus scale, open the Windows Device Manager, go to the Human Interface Device section, turn the Ohaus scale back on and quickly right-click on the Microsoft Serial Ballpoint and select disable.
  8. Set the computers COM port settings:
    1. Open the Device Manager.
    2. Under USB devices, you should see USB Serial Converter.
    3. Under Ports, you will see a new COM port called USB serial port.
    4. Double click on USB Serial Port (COM X) where X is the current COM port number.
    5. Go the "Port Settings" tab.
    6. Click Restore Defaults.
    7. Click on the Advanced button.
    8. Change the COM number to one that is not in use and is less than COM 6; otherwise, select one that claims to be in use, but is a virtual COM port.
    9. Click OK.
  9. Close any application that might monopolize a COM port, such as the Palm "Hotsync" manager.
  10. Open DataStudio.
  11. Click the Setup button to open the Experiment Setup window.
  12. Click the "Add Sensor or Instrument..." button.
  13. Select Instruments from the pull-down menu.
  14. Select "Ohaus balance".
  15. The start button should illuminate in about 4 seconds if everything is OK.
  16. Change the switch setting on the bottom of the unit to the locked position to prevent unauthorized use of the menu.


  • Only PASPORT sensors/interfaces can be used simultaneously with Ohaus balances.
  • Make certain that you have PASPORT selected as you interface type within DataStudio before acquiring data.
  • Datastudio will stop collecting data from the Ohaus balance if the rated maximum weight is exceeded.
  • The balance will not sample only at approximately 1 Hz; data values will be time stamped as they arrive.
  • If the balance reports Error 2, hold toggle the power on the balance.
  • If DataStudio crashes when the Ohaus balance is selected, shut down DataStudio and restart by right-clicking and selecting Run As Administrator.

If you continue to experience problems after following this procedure, please contact Teacher Support.

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