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Exporting Data to Excel

Affected Products:

CI-6870 DataStudio Software (Single User)

How do I export data to Microsoft Excel?

PASCO Solution:

There are a couple of ways to export data to Excel:

  1. Copy and paste.

    1. Go to the Data Window in the upper left of your screen.
    2. Select the data set that you would like to export.
    3. Press CTRL+C to copy the data.
    4. Switch to Microsoft Excel.
    5. Select the cell where you would like the column of data to start.
    6. Press CTRL+V.
  2. Export to a file.

    1. In DataStudio, select File/Export Data.
    2. Save the file.
    3. In Excel, select File/Open.
    4. Choose the file that you saved.
    5. Select all of the default values in the Excel import wizard. (The file is saved as tab-delimited text).
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