Tech Note 435 Detail

Principle of Operation - Rotary Motion Sensor

Affected Products:

CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor

What is the principle of operation of the Rotary Motion Sensor?

PASCO Solution:

The CI-6538 Rotary Motion Sensor consists of a 3-step pulley mounted on dual ball bearings. Rotating the shaft turns a nylon gear with an interruptor through an internal photogate. The output from the sensor consists of two trains of TTL digital pulses that represent movement in each direction. The electrical connections are as follows:

Yellow Cable
  • sleeve: GND
  • ring: + CNT
  • tip: + 5 V
Black Cable
  • sleeve (black): GND
  • ring: - CNT
  • tip: NC

Both rings should pulse low for one clock cycle in order to change from 360 to 1440 counts per revolution.

Creation Date: 08/27/2003
Last Modified: 10/2/2003
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