Tech Note 430 Detail

Installation Error 1628

Affected Products:

CI-6870 DataStudio Software (Single User)
CI-6871 DataStudio Software (Site License)

You receive the following InstallShield error: "1628 failed to complete installation".

PASCO Solution:

  1. Install the latest Windows Installer Service on your computer.
  2. Uninstall any recent updates and reinstall latest version of DataStudio.
  3. Log out and back into your profile.
  4. Delete the entire contents of the Windows Temp directory.
  5. Close any applications that may be actively using temporary files.
    1. Go to Start/Run...
    2. Type %Temp%.
    3. Press the CTRL and A buttons simultaneously. (This selects all files.)
    4. Press Delete.

Creation Date: 08/13/2003
Last Modified: 08/13/2003
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